Collaborative learning – learning form children

Our collaborative learning programme consists in enabling interaction between Primary and Secondary pupils. This means that older pupils become teachers for a while, doing science lessons in the laboratory, sharing literature experiences, organising charity activities across the whole school, or accompanying Primary classes on their excursions.
Why are they doing this?


Responsibility: The success of the activity they do depends on them, even if supervised by a teacher. And they take that seriously!

Preparation: It’s not easy to teach, they get that soon after standing in front of a group of young pupils. Improvisation is not an option, so things have to be carefully planned.
Perspective: Was this me a few years ago? Knowledge of oneself is an important skill, and when they see with their own eyes the difference in maturity gained in a few years, they realise they are becoming young adults.
Motivation: We know through experience: give a 15 year old the chance to become an adult, and he will behave as such.
Experience and references: A pupil’s portfolio is obviously enriched by this kind of experience, which shows their interest and promotes them for similar actions outside the School. 
On the other hand, for the younger pupils it is such an exciting moment! Their older peers become their role model, they want to be like them, behave like them, and grow like them. Any activity they do they learn double and enjoy triple! It’s nice to see the impression they leave on them.