From caterpillars to butterflies. A class with Miss Katie Owen in Foundation 5

We have started this new school year with some new faces at St. Peter’s School. They are all ready to make their classes enjoy themselves as they grasp the concepts which will form the basis of all their future learning.

Katie Owen is one of our new faces, our Foundation 5 teacher. She comes from the Lake District in Northern England, where it is very beautiful, but (as she says) it rains a lot. That was the reason that made her first move to Perth in Australia and later to Barcelona, a bit closer to home. And of course, that is also the reason why she is now teaching Foundation 5.

Today we spent a while in Miss Katie’s class and could see how the children enjoy their time as they learn, play and listen to exciting tales such as the one we listened to today: The Hungry Caterpillar, a perfect tale for introducing new vocabulary about animals and to help them understand how changes can bring us great surprises.

Come through the gate and enjoy!

It’s seems like only yesterday that we went on holiday and here we are again. The first weeks have passed by with remarkable ease!  There have been a few tears as expected in the nursery classes but the children are now happy and have settled well into their daily school routine. 

New teachers, new scenarios, old and new friends, new facilities… We’ve got a lot of exciting changes around and we love it. It’s amazing how quickly everybody gets used to their new routines and starts learning, playing, sharing experiences and having fun. You can feel it when you come through the gate. School life vibrates on each corner. 

Of course, everybody is working hard already. There is a whole school year to come and we are going to be busy studying, learning and having fun together. It’s a pleasure to see all of you back with us!