Merry Christmas!!

This has been a really intensive week: 4 concerts, an Open Night, Christmas parties, assessments, reports and lots of excitement around the school. The Christmas spirit is definitely in the air, and we can now say we are proud of all the work done in the first term.
First of all, concerts are fun, of course, but they are also a way of improving the communication skills and of sharing with the families the projects the students have been working on since they started the school year. Once again we would like to congratulate everyone for all the hard work. Everybody did their best and that is the important point. You can see some pictures and videos on the following links:

Class 1

Class 2

Foundation 5

Class 4

Class 6 pictures:

Nursery 3 

The Social Evening 
Sharing our projects and learning achievements with their families is also one of the goals of the Open Night. Besides, it is a way of thanking all of you parents for your support and for forming part of the St. Peter’s community. We really enjoyed the Social Evening and the members of the Choir once again offered a great performance. Thank you everyone for coming! Have a look at the pictures on Flickr! 

And finally, of course, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas!!!

Exploring the world together (our yoga classes in Nursery)

Before we enjoy the festive spirit to the full, let’s remember the November activities with Nursery 1, 2 & 3. We finished the month with the first Yoga class of the year for children and parents. We think it was a great success, not only because the kids loved it but also because they enjoyed sharing an activity with their parents at school. It is a way for parents to participate in their child’s school day and to experience the benefits of yoga all together. And above all, the children love to see their parents playing and exploring their world next to them.
We already posted the videos of the yoga classes on vimeo, but for those who haven’t seen them yet, here they are:

Nursery 1 & 2

Nursery 3

Thank you for coming!!!! We hope you join us next time! 🙂