I want to do a great performance

Presentations St. Peter's School
Class 2 Presentation on Space at St. Peter’s School

Sometimes we come to a Concert or a Presentation but we forget how difficult it is to prepare. The decision of choosing what to present, the hours to learn the lines, how to dance, performances, nerves… and last but not least, to continue learning in class every day.

We can now say that all the effort made by children and teachers is worth it. Just have a look at the following video and see for yourself.

Changing the World with International Diplomacy


1,500 young students from different schools and universities all over the world met together in the heardquarters of the Unitated Nations in New York to participate in the program Change the World Model UN. Last Friday, a group of 4th ESO pupils from St. Peter’s were part of the representatives from 88 countries around the world who lived first-hand a UN General Assembly.

The event was open by the Italian ambasador to the UN, Sebastiani Cardi:

“The UN was born from a dream, after the War world, to create a better world and today you also share a dream that I hope can become real with our passion for diplomacy and international politics, because we need a contribution of forces and ideas”.

The students discussed current global issues on twenty selected small committees. Have a look at the video:

Yesterday there was a closing ceremony and from now on until wednesday, they will be enjoying the city that never sleep.

Thinking Skills: a better way to solve problems

thinking skills

One of our new subjects in St. Peter’s School is Critical Thinking and is taught in the Secondary stage. Its goal is to enable students to approach any challenge they meet and thus,  improve their ability to understand, analyse and resolve problems. 

And just how do we do that?

Critical Thinking Skills is a part of maths. It is based on logical- mathematical thinking. Our methodology is basically hands on. That means experiencing, experimenting, exploring, discovering, investigating, researching and finding new perspectives to old and new problems.

The students handle real materials to acquire maths concepts. They manipulate objects to learn, work cooperatively in dynamic groups and participate in what we call active learning.  As they work together  they share strategies to understand and improve their self-directed learning.

What kind of activities are they doing?

The activities can be maths challenges, logical tasks, problem solving, or hypotheses that awaken the students’ curiosity. Inevitably, they become competent in maths.

A visit to MMACA Museum (Maths Museum of Catalonia)

Last Monday the students in 2nd of ESO went to the MMACA and had the opportunity to explore similar material that they use in Thinking Skills classes.They loved the challenges and Fun Maths from the  museum.

Each of them freely chose the activity to do, exchanged ideas with their classmates and teachers and expressed their opinion during the tasks. Finally, they enjoyed the mathematical talking and communication in small group discussions during the visit and succeed in finding the solutions of the tasks.


Bridging the gap – Grandparents’ IT Day

Bridging the Gap

Today 1st ESO pupils were described as “excellent teachers” by the grandparents who came into St. Peter’s to improve their skills in terms  of I.T.

The whole group took their new role very seriously and acted with professionalism and savoir-faire. Equally impressive was the way our pupils’ grandparents adapted to being in the classroom once again after several years away from school! Everyone enjoyed the experience.

In the words of Zaira, Sofía and Lidia:

“We had a great day and think they did too! This was an amazing experience for all of us. We hope they have learned lots of new skills to help them through their technological journey. We look forward to another opportunity to share our knowledge and skills in the future.”

In 2014, sharing knowledge and skills are highly important aspects of education.  Values such as honesty, generosity and transparency are to be promoted, something our 1st ESO pupils have clearly achieved today.

Speacial thanks to Miss Kehoe and Mr Salvadó for overseeing today’s activitiy!!