A new slant on St. George’s Day

Roses made by the Nursery 3 pupils
Roses made by the Nursery 3 pupils

This year The English Department decided to incorporate the use of ICT in the annual St. George’s competition.

On one hand, the secondary students have prepared a creative TV commercial entittled “Selling the impossible”. Today we have been able to watch the winning entries, all of which were highly amusing and very persuasive.

On the other hand, the primary students had to send two emails, one in English and another one in Spanish, each one from one of the main characters in the legend of St. George and the dragon to another one.

As well as learning how to write and send and email, or how to edit a film, all the students had a great time interpreting the legend or persuading someone to buy the impossible. Happy St. George’s Day everyone!!!

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstal Concert - Class 3, St. Peter's School

Jack and the Beanstal Concert – Class 3, St. Peter’s School

This morning all students in Class 3 showed the talent and attitude of a true professional! They were all-stars and delivered an absolutely stunning show.
Jack and the Beanstalk is famed for its stunning sets, spectacular costumes and sparkling performances along with non-stop comedy. Featuring a larger-than-life beanstalk and one very mean giant at the top of it, Jack and the Beanstalk combines all of the traditional elements of a family pantomime with stunning visual effects. This is pantomime at its best!

Congratulations everyone!

Maths and Science Challenges in Class 5

Science and Maths experiments
Science and Maths experiments

We learn immensely exploring and interacting with the world around us and trying to find out the answers to all those “Why?” questions we have, seeking to identify the cause of many of the world’s mysteries. So this term Class 5 have been very busy in Maths and Science taking some challenges and trying to solve some problems.
In Maths, for instance, they had to complete some challenges to finally save some Easter Bunnies. In Science they have been learning about matter and how their special properties can help us to “do some tricks”.
Have a look at their work in progress…