Becoming a teacher: professional challenges & choices


Miss Róisín Barbeito, Head of Primary, explained our educational project to future bilingual teachers.

Last week we had the chance to participate in the seminar “Becoming a teacher: professional challenges & choices”, held by the University of Education in Lleida.

Designed both to help future bilingual teachers face their every day challenges and to establish a dialogue between schools and universities, the seminar provided an opportunity to reflect upon what it means to be a teacher in an ever-changing world.

Representatives from universities and schools in Canada, Poland, Hungary, Andorra and Spain presented their different educational systems and came to the conclusion that we have a common purpose: to prepare our children to be open- and independent-minded individuals and to face any challenge that might come their way.

Why coding – European Code Week


After the success of the First European Code last year,  this year we decided to be part of it and help to promote coding.

Our ICT teacher is being very busy from the beginning of the school year. For example, in Primary, we are teaching our students how to code with Sphero. In Secondary, we began a project about how to code with JavaScript language using Hakitzu Elite. And we are also participating in the mSchool project where the pupils learn how to program mobile apps with AppInventor and we try to encourage students to use online collaborative tools such as Google Apps for Educations.

Quite a lot of new experiences! But above all, we believe we are fostering the passion of coding and discovering how to experiment in ICT.

Would you like to know a little more about the Europe Code Week? Have a look at this video:

Why we went to ENAP, III Congress of Innovative Education

enap congreso de innovación pedagógicaLast weekend we had the opportunity to participate in ENAP, the III Congress of Innovative Education, held in Toledo on 3rd, 4th & 5th October. This year’s edition was “There is no learning without emotions: teaching the emotions”.

With this subject in mind, Joan Rovira Sanz, Head of Pre-U, and Trini Martínez, our Career Advisor, presented our Personal Development for  University Programma. Designed to guide our students to make their decisions when choosing not only university but also which career they want to embark on, we believe it goes much further than that.


The following video gave an idea to the audience about how we work together with the students to choose heir own path.

Having discovered our PDUP, many of those schools attending the congress showed their interest in learning more about it. Therefore, we decided to open our forthcoming University Week to a group of students in Bachillerato who will be coming to St. Peter’s to personally experience our Programme for Personal Development.