Making your choices. Doing it your way: Music vs. Art

This year the students in 3rd of ESO had to choose between doing Music or Art. It is only one more choice they have to make throughout their school life, on a journey of discovery and developing into decisive young adults. In this video they explain the reasons for their choice.

Learning to choose and taking decisions is of the utmost importance for their personal and professional development. At St. Peter’s School we encourage the students to decide by themselves and to make their own choices, making them aware of the consequences of these decisions. They start choosing in Foundation Stage and Primary as they explore their world and start to develop their own interests.

Overseas researchers from the University of Delaware


As part of our University Research Programme, a group of students from the School of Education, University of Delaware, will be working with us this month to carry out some indepth research on the Spanish Education System and in particular on St. Peter’s Educational Project.

This amazing opportunity aims to create an permanent network of research that guarantees a fruitful and challenging link between university and school. Reflection is always a must to keep improving and innovating in Education, and having teachers, students and experts coming from different educational systems really can make a difference.

These trainee teachers will be observing, analysing and teaching in some classes. They will get involved in some of the innovative projects that are currently being worked upon in the school and will give us feedback on how we are developing them.

At the end of their placement, the students will prepare a research report which will reflect upon our educational project. After having attended different workshops and debate in groups about what they have observed these days, they will try to identify our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.