2nd of ESO presents… St. Peter’s 50th Anniversary

This school year is a very special one: we are celebrating our 50th anniversary. The 2nd of ESO students have been the first ones to dig into the past and celebrate it with their families. They have been researching during the last few weeks about each and every decade of the school history. They were split into different committees to do their research and finally, gathered all the work, the pictures, the interviews in a video they edited specially for the parents’ presentation. The result was awesome!!! Check it out and enjoy it!

The official celebration will take place soon on Thursday 28th May.

The Food Collection Campaign: another huge success


Once again,  the food collection campaign has been a huge success with the help of all the students and families in the school.  The products have been sent to the Capuchinos de Sarrià who will distribute all the groceries collected among 800 families in need they help every month. 

Some of our students from ESO will have the opportunity to help them with this distribution and see first hand how much these families in need appreciate our help.


Thank you for your continued support!  We take the opportunity to announce the clothes collection campaign that will take place in the month of May.

Active planet – C4 presents their PBL onEarthquakes and Volcanos


Today Year 4 showed all the wonderful things they have been learning throughout the last few weeks. The PBL Exit Point was all about earthquakes and volcanos. The children were able to explain the big idea that if we can understand what is happening underground, we can learn to predict and protect ourselves in the future.


As part of the Project Based Learning, they have been studying, investigating and researching in a fun, interactive and cross-curricular way. The outcome has been fantastic. Congratulations!

Please check out this awesome slideshow they presented today to parents.

And the pictures:

They will now begin a new subject for their next Project. You can have a look at all of it on the PBL blog sited on Moodle (Land, Sea and Sky)

Congratulations for all the hard work!



Last Friday (20th March), the Change the World Model United Nations 2015 finally began. After months of studying and preparation, the delegates had the chance to prove themselves. Walking around the committees, you could feel the excitement of all the students. The 4th of ESO pupils from St. Peter’s who decided to take part in this unique experience were among them.


“These kids know that this experience is a great opportunity to increase their knowledge. Great passion has been shown by everyone.” These are the words of Yejin Lee, the General Assembly 3rd Committee Director. And it is the truth.

The Change the World Model UN (CWMUN) is an annual international meeting attended by more than 1500 students from all over the world, in which they debate the major issues of the international political agenda. And their debates are held at the UN headquarters in New York and at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

But what exactly have they been doing? On Friday, after they were directed in their committees and after answering to the roll call, the diplomatic work started. The delegates talked to their committees, expressing the opinions and beliefs of the countries represented, and started to create coalitions, alliances and also true friendships.

Discussion and collaboration kept on going until their latest decisions and the closure ceremony. They need to prove their acquired knowledge and high level skills such us understanding of global dynamics and the ability to relate and build links with the globalised world in which we live.

They have been simulating the activity of the G20, the G8, the Board of the World Bank, or the Board of the International Monetary Fund. Today, two of our students, Carlota Moyano and Mariona Gracia, are working with the G8 group discussing a New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition. They have been selected to participate in this debate because of their outstanding contribution to their committee.

Yesterday there was a closing ceremony and from now on until wednesday, they will be enjoying the city that never sleep.

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