We love our school: a chronicle of the 50th Anniversary

After months of preparations, finally the big day arrived!


A bright sunny morning for the activities held in the front playground heralded the beginning of the celebrations.  You could see the emotion and the excitement on everyone’s face. Fifty years on and St. Peter’s still inspires the same sense of wonder. Joy and happiness were to be found all around the school. The green hues of the olive tree filled the air with cherished memories, while the new school hymn,  was played and sung by a group of students.

Around 600 hundred pupils listened to the touching words of Sra. Ginjaume and Sr. Garriga, two of the founders of the school. Sr. Rovira Canaleta, one of the more charismatic teachers at St. Peter’s, recalled old memories and made the children laugh. We have come a long way since that distant 1964 when the school was first planned, but while listening to Sra. Ginjaume, you could see we are all still very much a part of that original vision of our school project. You could feel the pride of the teachers who are part of it, and the vivid sense of common experience that unites the threads of our daily routine.


The special barbecue held after the morning event was the perfect moment for a well-deserved lunch. The dazzling performance by a group of humorous musicians enlivened the occasion till the end of the afternoon.

“This is what we are like. This is our home and we love it,” one of the students said to me while waiting for her lunch. There is no better homage to the school than these words. As it says in our new school video that we premiered at the evening event, “We love our School”.

20:00h. Some familiar faces started passing through the school gates. Everyone was glancing first right, then left. “Is that you?” “Is that you?” It was time to meet up with old friends and classmates, admired teachers and pupils. It was a day of encounters and reencounters, as Srta. Corinne said to me this morning, “a day to relive old memories.” Srta. Núria Llorca explained to me it was the perfect occasion for all of us to share our pride in being part of the history of St. Peter’s School.


“It’s changed so much”, said one former pupil on that day, “but you still share the same enthusiastic spirit for learning, the same sense of family we had at the beginning.” Yes, times have certainly changed and they will continue to do so. On the video, Dean, Alvaro and Eric say the future starts by embracing change with enthusiasm.

As Abi Sisquella reminded us in her speech to present our Scholarships for Excellence, what really counts is having fun in what you do. That is why we love coming to school every day, and that is what teachers and staff would like for their students: to learn to love everything they do in life.

Thank you everyone for making it possible. Here’s to the next fifty years!