St. Peter’s School – Finland: Sharing pedagogical experiences

Exchanging points of view with Pekka Tukonen, director of Saunakallion Koulu, Primary School in Finland

Collaboration with other schools and universities, dialogue and reflection upon Pedagogy and Innovation in the XXI century is the main objective of our University Research Programme, which has started to mature rapidly since it was born last school year.

This programme includes different actions to build a bridge between schools, pedagogical experts and universities.

Bearing this in mind and after attending in February the MIF International Symposium (aimed to improved the initial training for teachers), we could organise a visit to two innovative schools in Finland, the Saunakallion Koulu Primary School and the Järvenpä¨ Upper Secondary School. The visit was held this month of October.

Before the visit, we exchanged points of view and dialogued in depth with Xavier Melgarejo, one of the best specialists in the Finnish Educational System in Spain, and Pekka Tukonen, director of a Finnish Primary School. Finally, we visited Finland last month and were excited to discover some of the latest trends in Education applied in this country.

Sharing expertise, learning together

This experience is one step forward to promote internal research, reflection and collaboration in order to achieve professional development for both, teachers and the school.

Workshop on PBL given at University of Lleida by our teacher Sinead MgLoghin
Workshop on PBL given at University of Lleida by our teacher Sinead MgLoughin

Other areas included in the University Research Programme are the Teachers Practice that we started welcoming last school year (with students coming from different universities across the world), our involvement in some university research groups specialised in Language Acquisition or the workshops given by a group of St. Peter’s teachers in universities such as University of Lleida, Blanquerna or Autònoma de Barcelona.

First Steps Together (1): Play


Our Roadmap for Foundation Stage encourages children to look everywhere, notice patterns, make connections, and share their discoveries.

One of the pleasure of exploring the world is to do it alongside friends, teachers and parents. We could see it last Friday on our first Parent Participation Day.

It was a pleasure for all of us to share this adventure with you. Take a look at the video and enjoy 🙂

There will be more Parents Participation Days throughout the year (Yoga, Light and shadows, Child osteopathy,  Fun with food, Christmas singalong, Swimming…)

Our Roadmap

Come and join us if you can.  You won’t want to miss it! And if you want to share it with someone else, bring a friend with you! Many will be open activities!