MEP 2015: A step towards becoming a European Parliamentarian

It’s not easy to argue a case with delegates that do not share your opinion. Our students in Pre-U 1 are perfectly aware of this. Yesterday they tried to convince their Parliament colleagues of their committees’ proposals in this year’s first session of the Model of European Parliament (MEP).

They showed their audience their impressive communication skills after researching their themes and documentation. They presented with confidence and credibility. You can see it for yourselves:

Specially designed for young students (PreU-1), the MEP is a European programme in which students have the opportunity to research diferrent subjects, give their opinion, present their own proposals and thus, become young parliamentarians for a few days, first at school, and later on, in Madrid and, if they are selected, in Vienna.

Maths are a Challenge

This week, St Peter´s has been holding a maths challenge competition for its class 6 pupils. Pupils have been working in teams of four to solve problems together on a wide range of topics. They loved it!

Not all the questions were easy, they were designed to make pupils think! However, it has been a great opportunity for pupils to apply their maths skills to real problems. Not only that, but had been able to collaborate and discuss ideas with each other and compete in a healthy way.

There were five rounds of the challenge; a logic round, a speed round, a group question round, a relay and a crossnumber, all with different points awarded. By doing maths in a different, exciting way, pupils have been well motivated and have seen that the skills they learn in class are valuable, widely applicable and even fun. 

Catherine Delaney – Maths Challenge Week Coordinator