Speaking Up and Speaking Out!

Speaking up and speaking out is exactly what a group of students from 3rd ESO and Pre U 1 did during this last weekend.


On Friday 12th we travelled to Madrid to take part in an Academic Debating competition organized by the association of Independent Schools CICAE, of which St. Peter’s is a member. The debate is called “Liga Debate” and was hosted by the “Virgen de Europa” school.

“Are Technological Giants Positive for the World?”. Our pupils spent the first two days debating this question both in English and Spanish.

Yesterday the final league table was announced and the good news is that our three teams* have all classified for the Final Round in April. Furthermore, three of our team members (Carolina, Esteve and Sofia) have also been nominated as “Best Speakers” at the event.

* 3rd ESO participants:
Darío Dueñas/ Simar Kalra/Blanca Piera/Ariadna Valls/Esteve Company/ Daniela de la Peña/Selin Kalcanci/ Isabella Gucci/ Alex Blasco/Carolina Cossovan

* Pre U 1 participants:
Sonia Gantimurova/Alex González/Javier Montané/Sofia Medina

“It was so rewarding to see how our students went from strength to strength during the debating sessions. We were all also able to watch others debating and learnt a lot from that too. Each time our teams debated they grew in confidence and their oratory skills improved immensely over the two days we were there, “ says Miss Sarah Dowsett who trained the Pre U 1 team.

After all that hard work we spent the Sunday at leisure, seeing the typical sights in Madrid before returning to Barcelona on the Sunday evening.

“I recognised that the students enjoyed the experience very much. Traveling to the capital city, sharing the same interest with student from other schools and the feedback they got from the communication experts after the debate”, says Mr Ignasi Alcobé, Catalan teacher at St Peter´s School.

Now it´s time for the three teams that classified to start preparing for the next round!!


Learning Together with Escola Garbí

St. Peters School - Escola Garbín - Learning Together

This year sees the beginning of an exciting  new project in Foundation 5 in which the children are participating in an exchange programme with our neighbours from the Escola Garbí. The project arose out of a desire of all concerned to give our youngest children the opportunity to develop their communication skills and share their expertise in English with their peers. During the first part of the programme we were delighted to welcome our new friends to St Peter’s. During the morning the visitors from P5 watched our children perform their concert for a new audience and were able to join in the songs which they had previously learned at school.

St. Peters School - Escola Garbín - Theater performance

We were delighted to receive a lovely book made by the children introducing themselves to us.   We have spent time looking at the lovely pictures drawn by the Garbí students this week and have learnt that they share very similar interests to us. 

St. Peters School - Escola Garbín - Drawing

Our second activity consisted in group games played in English which invited collaboration between the students from both schools. It was a pleasure to witness the all the children beginning to use their skills in English to begin to make new friends and work together.

We are now looking forward to developing the relationship through interactive sessions in which we will get to know each other a little bit better before making our own visit to Escola Garbí to take part in a summer sports activity organized by our colleagues and friends.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all those involved in making the morning so successful and are looking forward to the next stages of the project.

Can you be an artist? Ask our Curious Kids

Our Curious Kids question in Foundation Stage this term is “Can you be An Artists?” ; so  this week F5K are learning about Wassily Kandinsky.  They have discovered that Kandinsky used colour to express his emotions and when they looked at his work the children had some amazing ideas about what they might represent. Some of his pictures looked like space or monsters with lots of eyes, some made them think of loneliness or sadness, and others made them feel happy!

They loved making their own Kandinsky style art too, take a look!