A step into the future: our alumni experiences: Jerico Agdan, Global Governance at ESADE


Jerico Agdan was one of the students awarded with a full scholarship to our Baccalaureate Programme in 2016/17. After graduating last year, he started Global Governance at ESADE Business School and has been experiencing university life. He wanted to share his experience with us.

[Image: From left to right] Lourdes Barceló – Head of Education, Jerico Agdar – Alumni, Corinne Jordà – Science and Biology, Núria García – Science.

What are you doing at the moment and which is your goal, Jerico?

I’m currently studying Global Governance at ESADE Business School and a Leadership Programme (ELU) at Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. My goal is to develop projects related to the Sustainable Development Goals. I want to promote these goals in young people. These 17 SDGs are the guidelines to solve the world’s biggest problems and young students must be aware of them. 

What would you highlight from your experience in St. Peters School?

For me St. Peter’s represents internationality. Nowadays, it is very important to know about different cultures. Diversity is the key to this global society in which we live. From my St. Peter’s experience, I will keep something that is very important for me, friendship. During the past few years, my classmates became my friends and despite the different paths we are following, we are still in touch and we will always have something in common, the school that led us to the future. 

You chose ESADE and ELU to continue your learning process, what kind of university were you looking for? 

I was looking forward to keeping learning in a disruptive way. For me, a disruptive learning method it’s an unconventional way of teaching that makes you think and develop your critical thinking, your self-knowledge and to learn more about yourself and how to achieve your goals. If you know your strengths, weaknesses and you are able to think from a critical perspective, I think you have the keys to solve the great problems of the world. This is something I started to learn in St. Peter’s School.

Do you have any advice for students aspiring to gain scholarship?

Show enthusiasm, a willingness to learn more and go beyond, and be yourself.

Which skills do you think young people like you should have in order to pursue their goals?

Positivity and somehow be aware that a small step can make a great difference. Critical thinking, this is the key to solving a problem because you will manage to have multiple approaches. Honesty, be honest with yourself and those around you.

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