Bridging the gap – Grandparents’ IT Day

Bridging the Gap

Today 1st ESO pupils were described as “excellent teachers” by the grandparents who came into St. Peter’s to improve their skills in terms  of I.T.

The whole group took their new role very seriously and acted with professionalism and savoir-faire. Equally impressive was the way our pupils’ grandparents adapted to being in the classroom once again after several years away from school! Everyone enjoyed the experience.

In the words of Zaira, Sofía and Lidia:

“We had a great day and think they did too! This was an amazing experience for all of us. We hope they have learned lots of new skills to help them through their technological journey. We look forward to another opportunity to share our knowledge and skills in the future.”

In 2014, sharing knowledge and skills are highly important aspects of education.  Values such as honesty, generosity and transparency are to be promoted, something our 1st ESO pupils have clearly achieved today.

Speacial thanks to Miss Kehoe and Mr Salvadó for overseeing today’s activitiy!!


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