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All about the art of filming. Our latest short films

Filming today is an essential language. Getting to know and understand its code is a must. The students from Pre-U 0 to Pre-U 2 have been exploring  both its language and creativity.

A year’s hard work has culminated in these three short films that have been recorded and edited as part of the Cinema option in Pre-U 2. The best three have been chosen by the secondary students. Congratulations everyone!

1st award


2nd award


3rd award


Our Cinema teacher, Sr. José Antonio Merín, created an official version of the short film. Here is the result:


Should anyone wish to find out what the title means, we suggest you google “6EQUJ5″.

To achieve the skills and in-depth understanding of the art of filming, first the students in Pre-U 0 explore audiovisual concepts such as filming time and space, editing, transition, scenes, and so on. Here are some videos of their work-in-progress.





Public Speaking Contest in C3 & 4

“We were only a little nervous, but once we started talking, everything was fine”, they said to us!!! And they added: “The classes were really fun”. Designed to develop speaking skills, this Public Speaking Contest in Class 3 & 4 ended today with an amazing performance. They learned to overcome nervousness when speaking in front of an audience, to organize and present ideas logically and convincingly, to listen carefully to the ideas of other students, and offer helpful advice. They really deserve a big round of applause.

MEP 2016: Communication is the key


Paula Rodríguez, listening to one Parliamentarian

This weekend, once again, a group of four young parliamentarians from St. Peter’s participated in the Model European Parliament (MEP) sessions held in Madrid. Mariona Gracia, Carlota Moyano, Paula Rodríguez and Ainhoa Hernández, students in 1st Pre-U, had first-hand experience of this year’s MEP sessions.

Carlota Moyano during her intervention

Carlota Moyano during her intervention

The sessions, held at the Spanish Senate, showed how much the students have learnt and how brave they are to participate in this adventure. They debated four topics of huge political relevance  (Freedom of Speech, Tax Harmonization, Crowdfunding and Innovation and Creativity ) in front of an important political committee, showing their impressive communication and debate skills and developing their ability to dialogue and refute.

Mariona Gracia at the closing session

Mariona Gracia at the closing session

Madrid  was, more than ever, a place of creative  ideas, a place to be, to foster the development of a fuller European awareness and understanding among the young people of our continent. And finally, it was a place to build new friendships and enjoy this amazing opportunity.


The following is a video edited about the event:


Hitler on Trial

Can we argue that Hitler was solely responsible for the Racial Purity policies, antisemitism, the Holocaust or scientific experimentation carried out during Nazism? The students in Pre-U 1 put him on trial in their Global Perspectives subject as part of a project with the Israelí school

Congrats everyone for the hard work. It was worth the effort!