By Noelle Roces, Exonomics teacher

Today’s generation is growing up in a very different world, one that is changing rapidly as technologies and markets continue to evolve. How might we prepare students for the future? What are the tools that we can give them? How might we encourage them to become creative problem solvers? 

Exonomics is a new course that brings forth inter-related methodologies from the world of business, technology, and design. It equips students with the inner tools and knowledge they will need in order to thrive in our current ever changing environment. 

The course first introduces the fundamental concepts of economics as a social science. This enables learners to gain understanding of market systems, the role of individuals, businesses, and governments in the economy and particularly how to make economically sound decisions. 

The course then teaches students financial literacy skills and knowledge both from a personal and business finance perspective. This includes understanding basic financial concepts such as learning how to create and manage wealth, budgeting, and risk mitigation – how to align their financial choices with their goals.

Next, comes Entrepreneurship! Students will learn various concepts and frameworks relating to business management and leadership such as: start-ups, accelerators and incubators, raising capital, marketing and operations etc.  

Since doing beats talking about doing, Exonomics aims to instill a “bias towards action” philosophy by encouraging students to “think-with-their hands” or learn by doing. To amplify outcomes from various disciplines, students will learn to apply the Design Thinking process (empathy, define, ideate, prototype, and test) as a problem solving approach.

Learners will be pushed outside their comfort zones, exposing them to ambiguity and new ways of thinking. This is all part of the learning experience and process. Students will be assigned to a variety of design challenges as a springboard to fuel creativity and innovation that often happens at the edges of disciplines. 

To conclude, Exonomics not only aims to equip students with the practical knowledge and tools they need to succeed and thrive, but also to empower them to become creative leaders and problem solvers in order to come up with innovative solutions and alternatives for business and society.