How to deal with the emotional exhaustion caused by the Covid-19 – Support Centre

From St Peter’s Support Center we never stopped to meet the specific educational needs of our students.

Mercè Rovira, clinical psychologist,  St. Peter’s School psychologist, adviser and member of the Support Centre has been writing and recording different articles to guide students and families during the homeschooling period.

Psychological reflections is a service that was planned to accompany every family in this situation, guide them and give answers to some of the questions people might be asking themselves.

The last article, “How to deal with the emotional exhaustion caused by Covid-19”, offers a new perspective of how to deal as a parent with a situation that is completely out of our control.

“They don’t want to eat… they don’t want to talk to their grandparents … they sleep more than usual … they have lost interest in meeting their classmates … they often ask when everything will be the same as before … I am surprised that they do not want to go back to school …”

“These are some of the symptoms that children can begin to manifest as a result of the fatigue of confinement at this time. They express to us with words or with changes in their behaviour that they are suffering from something that they do not know how to explain. Adults, teachers and family can help them, with our company, set them free from this exhaustion and the withdrawal that they are experiencing. Perhaps we believed that after 43 days without being able to go out, everything would change, and some children have begun to show signs of tiredness.” Full article

Support Centre Services

By having always in mind that the main objective of our Educational Project is that every pupil reaches his/her maximum potential we adapted our Support Centres services to the new situation so our students felt comfortable and confident with the sudden changed we all went through. Individual Psychological Attention, Speach therapy, attention to students with Specific Educational Needs.

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