Hydrogen/solar car – STEM Project

When students reach PreU-1, they have to do a Research work that will be presented at the beginning of PreU-2. As a part of a robotics project, PreU-1 student Jerico Agdan is designing a robot that not only produces hydrogen that could be use as a source of energy but also releases oxygen to the environment. The idea is that the robot could be self-sufficient. By daytime the battery will charge while generating the electrolysis releasing the hydrogen (it will be stored) and the oxygen.

The Fuel Cell is where the electrolysis takes place. Taking the electricity from the solar panel, an electrochemical  process begins and the two hydrogen atoms and the one oxygen atom present in the water are separated and then released through the scape tubes.

Jerico is still working on the way to store the hydrogen so it can be used as alternative source of fuel.