In St. Peter’s school I have lived a revolution in teaching.

Denise Kent, tutor of Class 3
One of the best investments the school has made over the last few years is in interactive boards. The children now have fun, they learn, they participate and this allows them to move on easily. Children nowadays are technologically minded, at school, at home, wherever they go. They don’t just sit and listen, they want to explore by themselves.
I have noticed a great difference from the past, now they learn faster while they enjoy, which gives them a kind of experience that they will not forget. They interact with concepts and go further. You can tell the difference by the attention they all pay in class, the curiosity about everything. I’m happy, they are happy and qualifications speak by themselves.
Interactive boards are a huge help in teaching. It’s a sign of the times and we, as teachers, have to go with the flow…