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Curious Kids – What´s your Favourite Fairytale?

This term in Curious Kids, our topic is “What´s your Favourite Fairytale?” and we have been doing lots of activities.

We had the visit of the Blue Mango Theater Company performing “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”.

“Foundation 4 and 5 have been working hard to help the characters from different stories! With Miss Heather and Miss Katie we built escape routes for Rapunzel, and we fixed the broken furniture for the 3 Bears with Miss Elizabeth and Miss Katerina! We also read Jack and The Beanstalk and planted some basil with Miss Carolyn and Miss Veronica, and read Hansel and Gretel with Miss Frances and Miss Tracie, learning about how to stay safe and solve problems!

We all worked well together and had lots of fun!”

Heather Lowe
Foundation 5 teacher


Chocolatada Solidaria campaign 2018

As part of the Chocolatada Solidaria campaign that has taken place throughout Catalonia, the students of 2ESO organised a Chocolatada at St Peter´s to raise money in support of cancer research at San Joan de Deu´s children´s hospital.

Students from Class 3 to Pre-U 2 participated in the event. Thanks to the kind donations from parents and students, St Peter´s school managed to raise over €3000.

We have been informed by a representative of one of the organisations involved , it was the greatest amount raised during the campaign. Congratulations to all the students of 2ESO on their hard work and willingness to make it such a successful day and special thank you to all who donated.

Sinéad Kehoe
St Peter´s School Teacher

Pictures by Chloe Axmith
2ESO Student

A special recognition to St Peter´s  Teachers Núria García Flor, Scott Santos and Sinéad Kehoe for organising this flawless event.

CLP – They choose, they create and they freely express themselves

Nowadays a different way of thinking is taking over and times when people only specialised in one area of knowledge are now in the past. Changes go faster every day in a world where the ability for quick adaptation is a requirement for the future and creativity and innovation are the tools to reach it.

“Pictures taken by Y2 CLP Photography class”

At Creative Learning Project (CLP) once a week the pupils are able to be in the position where they can freely express themselves in different subjects. At CLP, there´s no right or wrong answers just the pure felling of creation and innovation with the guidance of their teachers.

Between different options the pupils can choose what they want to learn; photography, dance, yoga, stop motion filming, different handcraft activities, gardening or any subject we can imagine and which we will give a creative learning perspective so the pupils can have the opportunity to explore changing creative environments.

“They choose, they create and they freely express themselves”.


Formando Pensadores by Josep Soler

Las Olimpiadas de filosofía: formando pensadores.

  • Febrero de 2016, Laia gana la Olimpiada de filosofía de Catalunya con una disertación sobre la belleza. Al cabo de tres meses queda finalista en la Olimpiada de España.
  • Febrero de 2017, Sofía es una de los dos finalistas de la Olimpiada.
  • Marzo de 2017, Lua es una de los dos alumnos de toda España seleccionados para participar en la Olimpiada internacional, gracias a un ensayo sobre la tolerancia.
  • Febrero de 2018, Sara y Raquel ganan la Olimpiada de filosofía de Catalunya y, en el próximo mes de mayo, intentarán ganar la   Olimpiada de España.

  Ninguna otra escuela de Catalunya puede presumir de tantos éxitos. Hay un motivo: nos apasiona la filosofía y creemos que es importante. MUY importante. ¿Qué hay de más importante que saber pensar? Uno puede dedicarse a ser abogado, ingeniero, empresario,… y lo que, seguro, va a necesitar es una cabeza que funcione bien. Y no digamos si de lo que se trata es del oficio más difícil e importante: vivir bien.  Para ello, ha de ejercitarse en el análisis de argumentos, en comprender las grandes ideas, en cuestionar las creencias recibidas, en ser capaz de argumentar con razones sólidas una postura, en ser capaz de ver los pros y los contras de un dilema, de captar los valores que están en juego y ofrecer una solución.

   Y esto es lo que hacemos en filosofía: aprender a filosofar. Aprendemos filosofía filosofando. No se trata de memorizar, se trata de comprender y crear. Y precisamente es lo que se valora en las Olimpiadas de filosofía. Y esto es en lo que esta escuela es excelente. Y esta excelencia filosófica es la garantía de que nuestros alumnos saldrán preparados y con las herramientas necesarias para lo que quieran hacer.

Josep Soler

Learning together with the University of Delaware

Two years after our first collaboration, this January a group of 22 students from the University of Delaware have been working with us to carry out in-depth research on different Education systems and observe day-to-day life in our school.

The heads of Lower and Upper School, Miss Jane-Mitchell Smith and Miss Róisín Barbeito, worked hard to allocate the groups in the school over two weeks. They became part of our team of teachers and children, and they confirmed they learned many things about how St. Peter’s builds its community of learners.

Guided and supported by Mr. William Lewis, their university professor, this group of future teachers had the chance of observing, analysing and teaching in some classes. They were involved in some of the projects that are currently being worked upon in the school.

The team got a chance to see different topics of PBL, Creative Learning Projects and even a performance by the British children’s poet, Paul Cookson, who masterfully engaged the auditorium filled with primary school children and teachers, sharing his hilarious poetry, which good-naturedly poked fun at schools and teachers. Of course the children LOVED that!

On the last day of their visit, the whole group participated in a panel discussion to reflect upon new methodologies in teaching, innovation, multiculturalism, differentiation in the class, classroom management and many other subjects. Apart from the students from Delaware, some of our teachers also participated in the panel discussion. The round table ended with Mr Simon handling Mr Bill Lewis an Star of the Week certificate. Here is a video of the activity:

At the end of their placement, the students will prepare a research report, which will reflect upon St. Peter’s educational project. After having attended different workshops and debated in groups about what they have observed these days, they will try to identify our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

This is a very special partnership for us. In 2015 another group from Delaware, together with Mr Lewis, helped us to reinforce our University Programme, which aims to build bridges between universities and schools. This is an amazing opportunity to create a permanent network of research that guarantees a fruitful and challenging link between university and school. The final aim: to learn together.

We would like to thanks Mr Lewis and his group of 22 teachers for this amazing partnership. Thank you again. It’s been a pleasure to learn together!!

Carme Escorcia
University Programme