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A school, a world, different spaces to learn

Real life is a not limited to a closed space. School is much more than a series of classrooms and this week is the perfect example of this. We have students spread across different educational spaces: 1st of ESO just came back from La Molina….

2nd of ESO finished their week with a great performance of Oliver Twist and  are now completing and enjoying their Cross Curricular Credit in Cadaqués.

3rd of ESO is doing the same in L’Estartit.

Cadaqués, 2nd of ESO

Class 6 is exploring Carcassone and practising their French.


Nursery 2 went on their very first trip to Can Ribas.

And finally, Nursery 3 today and Foundation 4 and 5 tomorrow are holding their Sports Days both inside and outside.

Nursery 3 Sports Day from St. Peter’s School on Vimeo.

There are no boundaries to learning. The world itself, with its human and cultural wealth, is the perfect space to observe, investigate, interact, make connections and get to know ourselves and others.

People who help us every day

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Foundation 4 are learning about people who help us. Today Miss Rachida’s class went to the local metro, took a trip on the train, learned about safety and public transport, and also how people in the city travel every day.

Miss Nicola’s little Chefs visited the School kitchen and discovered how the cooks prepare our meals every day and also learned about safety in the kitchen.

We all had a lot of fun and learned a little more about every day life and routines.

Wherever my ship is, the days pass happily with me

This week Classes 3 and 4 have been at L’Estartit living a great experience away from their day to day classes. Finally the weather was great and they could enjoy sailing, kayaking and snorkelling with friends in the best possible surroundings. Indeed, it has been an incredible way of introducing the children to their new classmates, strengthening the bonds between them.

For the children, staying two nights away from home together with their friends and teachers is an exciting adventure that helps them acquire self-confidence as they get to know one another in a different environment. Of course, it is even more exciting sailing on the open sea.

Once we came back from L’Estartit, we decided to work a little more in class so that all of us children and teachers continued learning together. You can see some of the compositions, drawings and creative works they have done connected to the Sailing excursion in the pictures and video posted on this entry.