Our first Projects in Lower School

Children in Lower have been busy with their first projects of the  year. What makes me super in Foundation 4 and 5, Sensational in Year 2, Electricity in Year 2, How humans work in Year 3 and Significant People in Year 4.  They have been inquiring, exploring, researching, discussing and reflecting on the topics for their Curious Kids (Foundation) and PBL (Year 1 to 4).

In Foundation Stage, their Curious Kids question this month has been What Makes Me Super?  As part of this they have been talking about our favourite Super Heros and with Miss Heather and Miss Katie have been designing and making their own super hero capes.  They used different materials and designs and tested them out in the playground to see which styles worked best!

In Year 2, children have been learning all about Electricity. They made static electricity by rubbing a ballon in their hair.

They visited Cosmocaixa…

and they experimented with electrical ciricuits to make light bulbs and buzzers work!

In Year 3, they have been learning all about How humans work. They now now everything about organs, bones, and senses!

Introducing Project Based Learning was a challenge that required lots of teaching planning, designing cross-curricular activities and introducing new ways of assessing. But as you can see, it’s worth the effort. Now it is the teaching/learning practice followed throughout each of the lower stages, and part of upper.


European IGCSE Art and Design teachers attend a course at St. Peter’s

This week, St. Peter’s have been holding an International Cambridge course for Art and Design teachers. They are already teaching this subject to prepare their students for the IGCSE Art / Design, but for them, it is important to keep training and further a deep understanding of if.

Teachers who attended the course have been able to:

  • review syllabus and curriculum framework design and the assessment aims
  • learn about updates and changes to the syllabuses, programmes or curriculum frameworks
  • extend their understanding of question papers, marking exercises, examiner feedback and creating their own exam questions for Cambridge O Level, Cambridge IGCSE or Cambridge International AS & A Level

Finally they share a range of approaches to teaching and learning and get to know colleagues from all over Europe.

#GameJamBarcelona 2017

9:00h. It was only the beginning of the second day for this #BarcelonaGameJam. The 60 students taking part on it were having a blast! They had been busy deciding the topic on Smart Citizen for their game, planning , designing and even creating music for them! This is a video of that day:

And this is how it was seen by Inedit Magazine

On Thursday and Friday, a group of 50 secondary students from 10 different schools around Catalunya participated in a 48h Game Jam. It has been the 1st #GameJamBarcelona and it has been organised by St. Peter’s, ENTI-UB, and the Citilab in Cornellà.

Within a short span of time, the participants in this #GameJamBarcelona planned, designed, and created one or more games. They did all thiswith a specific objective: to develop a game that helps smart citiziens to save energy and act responsibly with the environment.

Game Jam ‘Smart Citizen’: 48 h to create a video game on energy saving


On the 28th and 29th September, a group of 50 secondary students from 10 different schools around Catalunya will be participating in a 48h Game Jam. This is the 1st #GameJamBarcelona and it has been organised by St. Peter’s, ENTI-Escola de Noves Tecnologies Interactives-, and the Citilab in Cornellà.

Within a short span of time, the participants in this  #GameJamBarcelona  will plan, design, and create one or more games. Not only will the students plan, code and design a videogame, but also they will do it with a specific objective: to develop a game that helps smart citiziens to save energy and act responsibly with the environment.

Yesterday, all the participants took part in a training session at the Citilab facilities.

The centres who are taking part in this GameJam are St. Peter’s School, Col·legi Solc, Oak House de Barcelona, Agora Sant Cugat, Maristes de Badalona, Institut Quercus, Nostra Senyora de Montserrat, de Rubí, Escola Garbí, Institut Cornellà, Institut Martí i Pol and Institut Vilatzara.

JamToday supports the creation, implementation and deployment of educational games by creating methods and tools and by providing a central learning hub for participating organisations that will ensure that stakeholders maintain a balanced understanding of the main issues, and the implementation hurdles that need to be overcome.

Our Game Jam has been organised following its philosophy.


Scholarships for Excellence 2017-18. Announcement of award


For the St. Peter’s Scholarship Committee it is a great pleasure to announce that finally Raquel Sánchez Herrera (Pre-U 0), Jerico Adgan (Pre-U 1) and Faith Asilo (Pre-U 1) are the students awarded with the 3rd edition of Maria Rosa Culell Scholarships for Excellence. After one week of class, Raquel, Jerico and Faith feel at home. They really think that these scholarships “are an opportunity. Daring to face the challenge is just the beginning”.

Raquel is from Badalona, and studied at Institut Ventura Gassol until  the last school year. One of her teachers told her about our Scholarships and she had no doubt. Jerico and Faith were studying together in Poble Sec and they saw the announcement of the grants on our website. They have it clear: some day they want to change the world for the better. So, let’s start! Welcome to St. Peter’s School!

This school year the grant honors our former pupil, Andrés Sexto.