Scholarships for Excellence 2017-18. Announcement of award


For the St. Peter’s Scholarship Committee it is a great pleasure to announce that finally Raquel Sánchez Herrera (Pre-U 0), Jerico Adgan (Pre-U 1) and Faith Asilo (Pre-U 1) are the students awarded with the 3rd edition of Maria Rosa Culell Scholarships for Excellence. After one week of class, Raquel, Jerico and Faith feel at home. They really think that these scholarships “are an opportunity. Daring to face the challenge is just the beginning”.

Raquel is from Badalona, and studied at Institut Ventura Gassol until  the last school year. One of her teachers told her about our Scholarships and she had no doubt. Jerico and Faith were studying together in Poble Sec and they saw the announcement of the grants on our website. They have it clear: some day they want to change the world for the better. So, let’s start! Welcome to St. Peter’s School!

This school year the grant honors our former pupil, Andrés Sexto. 

All about the art of filming. Our latest short films

Filming today is an essential language. Getting to know and understand its code is a must. The students from Pre-U 0 to Pre-U 2 have been exploring  both its language and creativity.

A year’s hard work has culminated in these three short films that have been recorded and edited as part of the Cinema option in Pre-U 2. The best three have been chosen by the secondary students. Congratulations everyone!

1st award


2nd award


3rd award


Our Cinema teacher, Sr. José Antonio Merín, created an official version of the short film. Here is the result:


Should anyone wish to find out what the title means, we suggest you google “6EQUJ5″.

To achieve the skills and in-depth understanding of the art of filming, first the students in Pre-U 0 explore audiovisual concepts such as filming time and space, editing, transition, scenes, and so on. Here are some videos of their work-in-progress.





Becas Maria Rosa Culell: “El primer paso para un futuro lleno de posibilidades”

2017 scholarships advert2

Marcel Morillas, Loreto Padrós, Laia Tutusaus y Arnau Vilà siguen, todavía hoy, cursando Bachillerato gracias a las dos ediciones anteriores de las Becas Maria Rosa Culell. Estas becas permiten cursar los años de bachillerato en el colegio internacional St. Peter’s School. El colegio acaba de convocar la 3ª edición.

 Para ellos, los primeros seleccionados, las becas han sido más que una oportunidad, un reto que ha valido la pena afrontar. Dicen los cuatro que valoran, en especial, cómo han sido acogidos en St. Peter’s, por parte, tanto de los profesores como de los alumnos. Destacan la diversidad del centro, su tolerancia, su buen ambiente y la calidad en la educación. Una educación, según ellos, que incluye tanto el desarrollo personal como proyectos globales e internacionales que convierten St. Peter’s en un centro de referencia.

Esta entrevista, en la que nos contaron de primera mano su experiencia como candidatos seleccionados para las dos primeras ediciones de las Becas Maria Rosa Culell, ha sido publicado en el periódico La Vanguardia en este enlace.

¿Cómo valoráis que un colegio como St. Peter’s reconozca el talento, no solo académico, de jóvenes como vosotros?

Laia T.: Valoro muy positivamente la acogida y la atención recibida, que me ha ayudado a descubrir realmente mi potencial y mi vocación. Tanto los alumnos como los profesores favorecen un ambiente cercano y enriquecedor en todos los sentidos.

Loreto P.: Poder participar en proyectos como el Placement, con la capacidad de participar realmente en la rutina de un bufete de abogados, como fue mi caso, me ha permitido descubrir qué quiero hacer, y por eso, valoro inmensamente mi estancia en St. Peter’s.

¿Qué os ha aportado y qué habéis aportado vosotros al cursar el bachillerato en St. Peter’s?

Arnau V.: Ante todo, diversidad y crecimiento por parte de ambas partes. Todos hemos tenido la posibilidad de ver más allá. Al final, en este colegio lo que importa es la persona. Las becas me han ayudado (a mi y a mis compañeros, creo) a romper prejuicios de todo tipo.

Loreto P.: Cursar el bachillerato en un colegio internacional como St. Peter’s marca diferencia. No solo por el aprendizaje de inglés, sino también por el crecimiento personal que posibilitan los proyectos en los que participamos, por la atención recibida y por la excelencia. He crecido como persona y puedo decir que hoy sé qué camino tomar cuando llegue a la universidad.

¿Por qué presentarse a la convocatoria de las becas Maria Rosa Culell?

Laia T.: Porque son un reto, porque abren la puerta a un mundo de posibilidades que de otra forma, quizá no tendríamos, porque ayudan a desarrollarse como persona y a trazar el camino que tú decidas. Porque son excelentes.


Marcel M.: Ayudan a ampliar horizontes, a demostrarte que hay retos que valen la pena. Y este solo es el primero. Ahora sabemos que podemos afrontar muchos otros. Es el primer paso para un futuro lleno de oportunidades.

Parker Exchange Programme


A week ago a group of 12 students from 1st to 3rd of ESO had the opportunity to participate in the Parker Exchange Programme.

Parker is a school located in Albany, New York, in the middle of an amazing wood. The students stayed with a host family from the 22nd to the 29th of April and then enjoyed an amazing weekend in New York City. The best way to see what a great experience the exchange has been, is to read the students’ comments:

“America was so much fun, I loved it! I enjoyed meeting new people with different cultures and language and experiencing different activities such as learning with my host friend how to make pottery or playing typical table games that we had so much fun playing with the family.” — Anna Maixer

“When I first arrived at Parker school, I was really nervous and excited and looking forward to the week with my host family. The best moment in Albany was when we made s’mores in the school’s forest.”  – Lucia Morales Ortega

“I loved going to America. I enjoyed going to Parker school as we did lots of fun activities like walking in the woods, getting to know the smaller kids, and just looking at the similarities and differences between St Peter’s and Parker. Visiting New York City was incredible too! I loved going on the top of the rock and walking on the Fifth venue! It was the best experience of my life!”   Martina Viganò

“When I arrived there I was really nervous because I didn’t know anybody, but I also had a feeling everybody was going to be kind to me. When I arrived in New York I was amazed with all the things I saw especially the Yankees Stadium. Well, the point is that I really liked my host family and New York. It was an amazing trip.”  –Arnau Cermerón 

” I liked everything that I did and enjoying having time in a country that I´ve never been to . NYC , was cool! What I like in NY was the Yankees Baseball Game and visiting some monuments by bus.” –Lichi Chen

ny parker

“I liked the experience of being with another family that wasn’t my family. When we first arrived I was really shy but the next day they were really nice with me so I started being more myself. Well New York City was fun we did a lot of touristic stuff and shopping!!!”  –Maria Espin 

“I have had a great time in America! When we arrived to Parker I was very excited to meet my host family and to see the school. Parker school was very different from ours, it was smaller but they owned a giant part of the forest which they used as their playground. I felt really sad when we left Parker because we had an amazing time and my host friend. In New York I enjoyed going to Times Square and to Fifth Ave as they are so famous and active.”   —Pei Rosello

“The part I liked the most was when we went to New York, because it was my first time. I learnt how people live in America, and how is it different from here.”  Selin Kalkanci

Maria Rosa Culell Scholarships For Excellence. 2017-18 In honour of Andrés Sexto

This year our Scholarships for Excellence bears the name of our former Pupil Andrés Sexto. Here we can see Andrés when he was a student at St. Peter’s and a recent picture taken this weekend.

Once again this year, we are pleased to announce the availability of the Maria Rosa Culell Scholarships for Excellence. These grants are merit-based and aim to support those students who have excellent academic and non-academic achievements. They intend to avoid limited resources being an obstacle to completing the three school years of Pre-U at St. Peter’s School (4th ESO and Bachillerato). There is only one difference in this year’s edition: we have included Pre-U Foundation and thus extended the scholarship to a maximum of three years, depending on the student’s commitment and progress.

Every school year the grant bears the name of a former pupil who stood out, not only for their academic merits but also for other qualities. Andrés Sexto is the former pupil to be honoured by the St. Peter’s Scholarship for Excellence 2017-18.

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Andrés graduated at St. Peter’s School on 1993. As the previous honoured former pupils (Tatiana Sisquella and Sean Hartnoll), he always strived to fulfil the projects he believe in, struggled for them and carried them out with enthusiasm. This was the reason why, having finished his studies at the school, he studied Law at ESADE. Later he moved to Madrid where he finally passed the Entrance Exams to the solicitor profession in 2002. He has served as a solicitor in Galicia and Barcelona since then.

St. Peter’s Scholarships for Excellence would like to pay homage to those students who, like Andrés, are an example of both Excellence and Perseverance. Our first grant recipients agree that these scholarships “are a great opportunity opportunity. Daring to face the challenge is just the beginning”

The students who are already studying at the school find these grants the opportunity to enrich their learning experience. Their new peers help them grow academically and personally.

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