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First Steps Together (1): Play


Our Roadmap for Foundation Stage encourages children to look everywhere, notice patterns, make connections, and share their discoveries.

One of the pleasure of exploring the world is to do it alongside friends, teachers and parents. We could see it last Friday on our first Parent Participation Day.

It was a pleasure for all of us to share this adventure with you. Take a look at the video and enjoy 🙂

There will be more Parents Participation Days throughout the year (Yoga, Light and shadows, Child osteopathy,  Fun with food, Christmas singalong, Swimming…)

Our Roadmap

Come and join us if you can.  You won’t want to miss it! And if you want to share it with someone else, bring a friend with you! Many will be open activities!

A school, a world, different spaces to learn

Real life is a not limited to a closed space. School is much more than a series of classrooms and this week is the perfect example of this. We have students spread across different educational spaces: 1st of ESO just came back from La Molina….

2nd of ESO finished their week with a great performance of Oliver Twist and  are now completing and enjoying their Cross Curricular Credit in Cadaqués.

3rd of ESO is doing the same in L’Estartit.

Cadaqués, 2nd of ESO

Class 6 is exploring Carcassone and practising their French.


Nursery 2 went on their very first trip to Can Ribas.

And finally, Nursery 3 today and Foundation 4 and 5 tomorrow are holding their Sports Days both inside and outside.

Nursery 3 Sports Day from St. Peter’s School on Vimeo.

There are no boundaries to learning. The world itself, with its human and cultural wealth, is the perfect space to observe, investigate, interact, make connections and get to know ourselves and others.

We discover our world as we play

“If I stretch, I crawl; If I crawl, I walk; if I walk, I will start to run, jump and get to know my body, understand myself and those around me”.

Motor skills in Nursery 1

During a child’s first years of life, there are so many things to learn: balancing the head, controlling eye movements, discovering hands and feet and fingers and toes, grasping and holding objects, learning to roll over, rocking on knees and hands or learning how to sit.

We invite you to see the following video in which children in Nursery 1 begin to explore their world.

N1 goes to the gym!!! from St. Peter’s School on Vimeo. #motorskills