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El autor Ricardo Gómez nos cuenta por qué es importante contar historias

Hoy nos ha visitado el escritor Ricardo Gómez. Los alumnos de Class 3 y 4 lo han podido charlar largo y tendido de los libros sobre Mitología que hemos leído en clase. Nos ha explicado historias curiosas y ha intentado explicarnos el origen de muchos de nuestros nombres (Zeus, Ingrid, Artur, Élida y un largo etc.).
Ricardo ha insistido en que seamos creadores de nuestras propias historias y nos ha regalado un consejo fabuloso, ir siempre con una libretita y un lápiz a mano, para poder anotar y no olvidar las maravillosas cosas que nos suceden a diario.
Periodismo, respeto a animales, prejuicios y la inocencia de Caperucita
Los alumnos de 6 recibimos la visita de Ricardo Gómez que viene a hablarnos de su libro, de la ética periodística, del respeto a los animales, de los prejuicios y un sinfín de cosas.

¿Es Caperucita tan inocente como parece? Y su madre, ¿acaso desconoce el peligro que la niña corre en el bosque? ¿La abuela ha sido devorada por un lobo tan feroz como lo pintan? ¿Qué intereses esconden Perrault o los hermanos Grimm? ¿Y qué papel juegan el resto de los animales?

Class 5 is ready to take off on their new adventure: The Human Rights Project


The Class 5 students will participate in the Human Rights Project during the 3rd  and 4th April. A group of pupils from La Miranda Global School, Peter Pan and Princess Margaret School will join us to take part on this new adventure.

When we think about human rights, do we think about issues in a far flung country or about those taking place on our doorstep? About ourselves and those around us or people we have never met? Do we know the rights that we share with each other? Where they come from and what they mean?

In reality, most of us have probably never thought about it.

These are some of the questions that we will be exploring as part of the Human Rights Project;

a project which aims to empower children in Class 5 by increasing their awareness of human rights, the impact they have on the world that we live in and the responsibilities that we share towards them as individuals.

Over the course of two days (the 3rd and 4th of April), our Class 5 students, together with pupils from La Miranda Global School, Princess Margaret and Peter Pan will take part in a range of interactive workshops which will facilitate development of discussion, critical thinking and communication skills.

They will look into the past to see how human rights have developed and changed over time, finding out about those who have fought for the freedom of others. They will research the present and glance into the future, considering the impact and efficiency of different forms of campaign action. They will prioritise their choices and compromise with others, evaluating a range of different viewpoints.

Experiences like these are the starting point that spark an interest, improve understanding and even inspire children to make a difference. As educators, we need to give children the tools that they need to sculpt their own future, and the compassion and morality that they need to care about the futures of others.

Video of the event (edited after this article):

Miss Lucy Armstrong, Human Rights Project coordinator

Public Speaking Contest in C3 & 4

“We were only a little nervous, but once we started talking, everything was fine”, they said to us!!! And they added: “The classes were really fun”. Designed to develop speaking skills, this Public Speaking Contest in Class 3 & 4 ended today with an amazing performance. They learned to overcome nervousness when speaking in front of an audience, to organize and present ideas logically and convincingly, to listen carefully to the ideas of other students, and offer helpful advice. They really deserve a big round of applause.