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Photo shoot – 3rd edition on the St Peter´s Newspaper

Today the Y5 young reporters released the 3rd edition of the St Peter´s newspaper. This is the last edition of the school year but don´t worry, next year the future Y6 reporters will keep you all updated and entertained with the school activities.

We did a photo shoot to celebrate the achievement and off course the little ones from foundation stage wanted to join the party!.

Follow the link
Full 3rd edition of the newspaper


Mallorca Sailing Trip Y4

This week Y4 pupils spend an amazing week at Mallorca.

Day 1
We have all arrived safe and sound after a very swift and smooth flight. The children have gone for their first sailing lesson and they are looking forward to a cooking workshop and a preparatory talk about tomorrow’s exciting astronomy event. They will end the night with dinner and relaxation in their hotel rooms recharging for another action packed day tomorrow!

Day 2
The children had a very settled and restful sleep in their rooms last night . They had a busy and fun afternoon yesterday vsiting Luis Vives school, meeting the head cook Carlos, the headteacher Tony and particpating in a Crespells making workshop. As you can see from the photos they really enjoy the activity!

Today the children are off sailing this morning, this time in groups to build their team work and sailing skills whilst being suppported by a monitor in each boat.
Afterwards the group will have lunch and enjoy some much anticipated ‘pool and relaxation time’ at the hotel. Once suitably chilled, the children will get ready to participate in the exciting star gazing workshop at the observatory tonight. The children are extremely keen to learn more after the introductory talk yesterday. More to follow tomorrow!

Day 3
After a lovely, fun filled ‘pool and chill’ afternoon yesterday, the children were invited for an exclusive and interactive visit at the Royal Observatory. The children were so enthusiastic and learned a lot about constellations. They also enjoyed viewing nearby planets through various telescopes. It was very special to see the moon so close up, even observing the craters. We were also fortunate to have so many hands on experts to share their knowledge and to answer the children’s thoughtful questions.
This morning the children are participating in their final sailing session. In the afternoon we will explore the world’s only circular castle, Castel Bellver before returning to the hotel in the early evening to relax and get ready for our final day tomorrow.
Day 4
Our last day already! We enjoyed a slower paced morning that started by  celebrating Gianmaria’s birthday (organised by the children) and featured some chocolate cake for breakfast and sparklers for breakfast and lots of hugs.
Afterwards the children packed smoothly and swiftly ready to go on their walking tour of Palma. The guide shared lots of fascinating and slightly gruesome stories that many of the children enjoyed. Thereafter the children were excited to spend their money buying gifts and souvenirs. It was also a great opportunity to practise our numeracy and budgeting skills!
The only thing left to do now is enjoy the hotel pool for the final time. Congratulations to everyone on a great holiday with excellent behaviour. The group have been a pleasure to take on this trip. See you at the airport tonight!

Buddy Programme / Y5 & Y3

Four years ago the Buddy Programme was born in St Peter´s school. With the idea of promoting relationships between students and avoiding bullying, this programme runs through the SEAL lessons (Social Emotional Aspect Learning) given by Ms Rebecca Lawson.


Every Y5 students is paired with a Y3 student and they usually go to field trips together and share lots of activities. It’s like having a big sibling at school.

This time they all went to the “Carretera de les Aigües”. Located at the Parc Natural de Collserola allows you to see the city of Barcelona from a bird’s-eye view. It was an amazing outdoor experience with their buddies!!

Primary School Fundraise

Year 6 students from St Peter´s School, Carla Viladiu and Nicolly Camilly had the idea to organise a fundraise. From Y1 to Y6 they all managed to raise 1.015 euros.

The money will be divided between the Vall d`Hebron institut de recerca (Grupo de Investigación en Ingeniería Tisular Musculoesquelética) and the BRAC (non-governmental organization).

The Vall d’Hebron Institut de Recerca is in charge of Promoting and developing biosanitary research at the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital and the money will be destined to help on the research for a cure of a rare disease that doesn’t allow bones to join together.

BRAC is one of the largest non-governmental development organisation in the world and its present in all 64 districts of Bangladesh as well as 13 other countries in Asia, Africa, America. The money raise will be for the Rohingya refugees from Myanmar. Rohingya are one of the many ethnic minorities in the country are more than 700.000 are being forced to leave their country.