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PreU-1´s Placement 2018

Event Management, Design, Legal Practice, Pharmacies, Fashion, Managament Consultancy, Video Games, Real Estate, Laboratory… you name it!

Today PreU1 students explained to Year10 their experiences at St Peter’s School Placement Programme. In its 3rd year, gives our students the opportunity to complement their school studies with a week’s practical work experience in a field of interest to them. By doing so, they get the chance to try out potential career paths and also gain experience of the day to day expectations of the workplace.

We are extremely lucky to have such amazing individuals and companies who have volunteered their time and energy to help our students develop the vocational skills which will put them one step further towards their professional goals!

Photo shoot – 3rd edition on the St Peter´s Newspaper

Today the Y5 young reporters released the 3rd edition of the St Peter´s newspaper. This is the last edition of the school year but don´t worry, next year the future Y6 reporters will keep you all updated and entertained with the school activities.

We did a photo shoot to celebrate the achievement and off course the little ones from foundation stage wanted to join the party!.

Follow the link
Full 3rd edition of the newspaper


Two very special guests – Andrés Sexto & María Culell

Today we had two very special guests. After more than 20 years since he was sitting in a classroom, Andrés Sexto came to share his memories with 3 students that achieved the “María Rosa Culell” scholarship last year.

Many anecdotes were shared and they all agreed that after more than 20 years the St Peter´s values remain intact, not only the academic preparation but also the personal development remain central key factors in St Peter´s School education. Also we had the honor to receive Mrs María Culell, who is responsible for students having the opportunity to live the St Peter´s values and to have the bright future they deserve.