Shiny brain or an excellent person? A new grade for Personal Development at St. Peter’s School.

When an academic excellent or a fail does not speak enough about a student´s development. Let’s go further, let’s look at the person.
The final academic qualifications of each child are relative if we don’t take into consideration other aspects such as behavior, motivation for study or group dynamics. It’s very important to have a global vision of each student to detect which are the aspects to improve. Not all the good or bad students are equal in personal values towards the class and the group and nore are the efforts they make. These aspects have to be measured and valued to evaluate the improvement, the effort and the skills of each case. An excellent or a fail by itself does not mean enough and by no means is it the only result that should matter.
That’s why this year we are launching a new educational programme, the new grade for Personal Development, based on the development of our pupils. Our aim is to ensure that all of them not only stand out for their academic results but also as people.
One of the tools we will employ with this in mind is the grade for Personal Development, which will appear in the reports for each evaluation. This mark, based on the input of all the teachers, comprises three parts. 

1. Motivation for study
  1.      Participation in class: is active in class, in a way which contributes to its smooth running
  2.    . Academic effort
2. Behaviour

    1. Respect for people: interacts with teachers, classmates and other adults in an appropriate manner.


  • Integrity: do their best to ensure they do what is expected; recognize their errors and attempt to correct them, whilst learning from them.
  • “Savoir faire”: knows how to adapt their behaviour according to circumstance; is pleasant, polite, makes appropriate use of humour, knows how to interrupt (and when not to), etc.
  • Respect for school rules: follows the rules established by School.
  • They take care of school equipment and show respect for the belongings of others.


3. Group Dynamics
  1. Companionship: ensure feel included and help their classmates.
  2. Involvement: willingly participates in school activities
  3. Role in group: encourages positive group dynamics through their attitude and plays a conciliatory role.
We are convinced that this information will be highly useful in both promoting positive aspects of all our pupils while helping them to develop as people.Now you will have the complete map of your children. Their values and efforts build their future brains and not the other way round. 
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