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European IGCSE Art and Design teachers attend a course at St. Peter’s

This week, St. Peter’s have been holding an International Cambridge course for Art and Design teachers. They are already teaching this subject to prepare their students for the IGCSE Art / Design, but for them, it is important to keep training and further a deep understanding of if.

Teachers who attended the course have been able to:

  • review syllabus and curriculum framework design and the assessment aims
  • learn about updates and changes to the syllabuses, programmes or curriculum frameworks
  • extend their understanding of question papers, marking exercises, examiner feedback and creating their own exam questions for Cambridge O Level, Cambridge IGCSE or Cambridge International AS & A Level

Finally they share a range of approaches to teaching and learning and get to know colleagues from all over Europe.

All about the art of filming. Our latest short films

Filming today is an essential language. Getting to know and understand its code is a must. The students from Pre-U 0 to Pre-U 2 have been exploring  both its language and creativity.

A year’s hard work has culminated in these three short films that have been recorded and edited as part of the Cinema option in Pre-U 2. The best three have been chosen by the secondary students. Congratulations everyone!

1st award


2nd award


3rd award


Our Cinema teacher, Sr. José Antonio Merín, created an official version of the short film. Here is the result:


Should anyone wish to find out what the title means, we suggest you google “6EQUJ5″.

To achieve the skills and in-depth understanding of the art of filming, first the students in Pre-U 0 explore audiovisual concepts such as filming time and space, editing, transition, scenes, and so on. Here are some videos of their work-in-progress.





St. Peter’s student, Àlex Gonzalez; youngest student to participate in the Humanoid Robots National Competition (CEABOT 2016)


The complete Humanoid Lab team, from CSIC-UPC. The junior students Àlex Gonzàlez and Martí Zaera, together with the senior ones, Laia Freixas and Alejandro Suárez.
The complete Humanoid Lab team, from CSIC-UPC. The junior students Àlex Gonzàlez and Martí Zaera, together with the senior ones, Laia Freixas and Alejandro Suárez.

At the beginning of this month, Alex, together with a student from 1st Bachillerato from another school, participated in the CEABOT 2016 as members of the junior team trained by the “Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial” (IRI), a mixed centre CSIC-UPC.

They were one of the youngest teams ever presented to this competition. Being only in 3rd of ESO, Àlex had the opportunity to show his knowledge and skills in robotics to postgraduate students from Spanish universities. The junior team from IRI, coordinated by the PHd student from UPC, Gerard Canal, demonstrated that robotics can be learned and introduced at early ages to foster scientific aspirations.

Alex came back from the competition proud of their work and outcomes: “Since the first day I went to work with them I knew it was going to be a hard experience. We had to make a humanoid robot with the ability to walk, climb stairs, read QR codes and fight. It was tough and stressful and we had to face a lot of difficulties. We worked intensely to try and present the robot the best way possible. But the hard work was worth it, the important thing wasn’t the placement, it was the experience and all the learning behind it.”

The senior team from the Humanoid Lab, trained at IRI, who attended the contest won this prestigious national competition.

Placement 2016: our first contact with the world of business


When we decided to organise the Placement Programme for the very first time, we wanted it to be an important guide for our students in order to give them a first contact with the world of business. It had to be an experience that they would never forget and would help them take their last decisions on their future.

So, this April and for the first time we offered the business students in Pre-U the opportunity to undertake a week-long placement in an enterprise. You could see Mr. Joan Rovira Sanz,  Ms. Carol Walter and Mr. Joan Rovira Canaleta very busy organising everything, contacting a range of companies that accomplished the goals we were looking for. And they found the perfect ones, as you can see when you ask the students about their experience on the companies during their placement:

sixtytwo   roser_miquel

“This placement has helped me very much indeed to decide my future. I was a little bit confused about what to study and now I have it clear. I would like to work in a hotel like Sixtytwo. I could see many different areas of the hotel and it helped me understand what it is to work in this environment”. – Roser Espin, Sixtytwo.

mccann_logo     vera

“There was people there who drew really well and they loved my drawings. I wish one day I will draw that way” – Vera Valeva, McCann.


“This experience was just amazing, I din’t want to come back. I’d love to have a position in a company such as Antonio Miró, or work in the Marketing department for a fashion company” – Francesca Casci, Antonio Miró.

Junior Minguella Football Management


“It was a unique experience. I’ve learnt lots of things for my professional future. They even asked me to work for them in a near future” – Jack Nye, Junior Minguella Football Management.


“It was an unforgettable experience. Thanks to it now I have it clearer what I want to study, where and what I would like to do after finishing ADE in Esade”. – Andrea García, Esade.


“Until now I thought about my professional future with some doubts. After this intensive week, I have completely clear that I want to become a lawyer and study Law” – Loreto Padrós, Ferré Perpinyà Advocats.

KKH Property Investors

“Simply the most wonderful activity that St. Peter’s has prepared for its pupils. After having been in kkh-propertyinvestors for a week, I’m fascinated by the real state industry”. Luis González, Kkh Property Inverstors.

Gabinete Martínez Comín

“I think it was a very fruitful week. I learnt so much and in a very different way we do at school. We have been able to see what it implies working in a company and the effort it requires. The week helped me decide what I want to study. Now I know Law has different areas to work in and you can thus specialise in each one”. – Maria Ripol, Gabinete Martínez Comín.


“It was very interesting to actually live and get to know the day-to-day of every department in a hotel like Hotel Adagio, a small but warm hotel where I could learn and experience everything from a different point of view. I got to know the difficulties you need to face in a normal day of work but also, the hospitality and gratitude of the clients. It was worth indeed doing it!” – Irina Rafel, Hotel Adagio

A big thank you to the companies that made it possible

As you can see, every one of our students is delighted with this experience which has give them their first contact with the world of Business. It is a small step into their future, but a huge one if you consider it has guided them in such a positive way. We would like to thank you to all the companies that have made it possible.

arseniy 2
One of our students during his placement in Monkeys Communications

A part from the ones mentioned above, our students also collaborated in:


bemobile-black    cartobol   miebach

MEP 2016: Communication is the key

Paula Rodríguez, listening to one Parliamentarian

This weekend, once again, a group of four young parliamentarians from St. Peter’s participated in the Model European Parliament (MEP) sessions held in Madrid. Mariona Gracia, Carlota Moyano, Paula Rodríguez and Ainhoa Hernández, students in 1st Pre-U, had first-hand experience of this year’s MEP sessions.

Carlota Moyano during her intervention
Carlota Moyano during her intervention

The sessions, held at the Spanish Senate, showed how much the students have learnt and how brave they are to participate in this adventure. They debated four topics of huge political relevance  (Freedom of Speech, Tax Harmonization, Crowdfunding and Innovation and Creativity ) in front of an important political committee, showing their impressive communication and debate skills and developing their ability to dialogue and refute.

Mariona Gracia at the closing session
Mariona Gracia at the closing session

Madrid  was, more than ever, a place of creative  ideas, a place to be, to foster the development of a fuller European awareness and understanding among the young people of our continent. And finally, it was a place to build new friendships and enjoy this amazing opportunity.


The following is a video edited about the event: