St. Peter’s school, a new member of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain

The British Chamber of Commerce in Spain is a vibrant network of companies that aim at promoting commercial activity and investment between British and Spanish companies. Our school has recently joined this network and are willing to contribute our experience in education, promoting synergies between school and companies.

Companies know how difficult it is to find the talent they are looking for. They might not be sure about what jobs they are going to be offering in 20 years, but they have the experience of today’s challenges. This is why a synergy between schools and businesses can give us the opportunity for a better redesign of our education system. 

Traditionally, we have worked separately, falling into endogamic approaches that are no longer valid. This is why we are aiming at crossing borders, connecting our school to the real world in order to better prepare our students for their future careers. 

The British Chamber of Commerce in Spain is the perfect network in which to start a collaboration with the world of business, aiming at equipping our students with the necessary skills to face the challenges of tomorrow.