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Learning together Y6 & Y5

Last week, Year 6 students prepared an exit point for the ones that will fill their classrooms next school year. Different stands placed across the school became an inspiration for the Year 5 pupils.

The first stop was at the biology lab, where Y5 pupils were introduced to dissection techniques and tools.  Y6 students showed their skills identifying the external and internal parts of a cow eye and a fish.

The tour went on from robot design, health projects, environmental projects, interactive science tests to a biology experiment where they could measure the lung capacity by blowing into a tube and replacing the water inside the bottle with air. A lung can hold an estimated of 5 litres of air and we can say the the Y5 pupils scored very well on this test.

The exit point was a great success and the Year 5 pupils not only are felling ready and motivated to start the next school year but also had a lot of fun during their tour.

Our Drone Experience

Last Thursday and Friday, the students in Year 9 (3rd of ESO) could enjoy a real Drone Experience. They spent two days at Barcelona Drone Center, near Moià, building, programing and piloting real drones at BCN Drone Center. They learned about remote sensing principles, collected and analysed data and finally managed to make decisions based on their understanding of the situation. They also could practise with and advanced simulator. Not bad for a first experience!!

Game Jam ‘Smart Citizen’: 48 h to create a video game on energy saving


On the 28th and 29th September, a group of 50 secondary students from 10 different schools around Catalunya will be participating in a 48h Game Jam. This is the 1st #GameJamBarcelona and it has been organised by St. Peter’s, ENTI-Escola de Noves Tecnologies Interactives-, and the Citilab in Cornellà.

Within a short span of time, the participants in this  #GameJamBarcelona  will plan, design, and create one or more games. Not only will the students plan, code and design a videogame, but also they will do it with a specific objective: to develop a game that helps smart citiziens to save energy and act responsibly with the environment.

Yesterday, all the participants took part in a training session at the Citilab facilities.

The centres who are taking part in this GameJam are St. Peter’s School, Col·legi Solc, Oak House de Barcelona, Agora Sant Cugat, Maristes de Badalona, Institut Quercus, Nostra Senyora de Montserrat, de Rubí, Escola Garbí, Institut Cornellà, Institut Martí i Pol and Institut Vilatzara.

JamToday supports the creation, implementation and deployment of educational games by creating methods and tools and by providing a central learning hub for participating organisations that will ensure that stakeholders maintain a balanced understanding of the main issues, and the implementation hurdles that need to be overcome.

Our Game Jam has been organised following its philosophy.