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Maria Rosa Culell Scholarships For Excellence. 2017-18 In honour of Andrés Sexto

This year our Scholarships for Excellence bears the name of our former Pupil Andrés Sexto. Here we can see Andrés when he was a student at St. Peter’s and a recent picture taken this weekend.

Once again this year, we are pleased to announce the availability of the Maria Rosa Culell Scholarships for Excellence. These grants are merit-based and aim to support those students who have excellent academic and non-academic achievements. They intend to avoid limited resources being an obstacle to completing the three school years of Pre-U at St. Peter’s School (4th ESO and Bachillerato). There is only one difference in this year’s edition: we have included Pre-U Foundation and thus extended the scholarship to a maximum of three years, depending on the student’s commitment and progress.

Every school year the grant bears the name of a former pupil who stood out, not only for their academic merits but also for other qualities. Andrés Sexto is the former pupil to be honoured by the St. Peter’s Scholarship for Excellence 2017-18.

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Andrés graduated at St. Peter’s School on 1993. As the previous honoured former pupils (Tatiana Sisquella and Sean Hartnoll), he always strived to fulfil the projects he believe in, struggled for them and carried them out with enthusiasm. This was the reason why, having finished his studies at the school, he studied Law at ESADE. Later he moved to Madrid where he finally passed the Entrance Exams to the solicitor profession in 2002. He has served as a solicitor in Galicia and Barcelona since then.

St. Peter’s Scholarships for Excellence would like to pay homage to those students who, like Andrés, are an example of both Excellence and Perseverance. Our first grant recipients agree that these scholarships “are a great opportunity opportunity. Daring to face the challenge is just the beginning”

The students who are already studying at the school find these grants the opportunity to enrich their learning experience. Their new peers help them grow academically and personally.

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Scholarships For Excellence 2016-17. Announcement of Award

For the St. Peter’s Scholarship Committee it is a great pleasure to announce that finally Marcel Morillas Rozas is the student awarded with the 2nd edition of Maria Rosa Culell Scholarships for Excellence. Marcel will be starting Pre-U 1 next Monday together with their new classmates and is looking forward to face this challenge.  Born in Torres de Claramunt, he is a passionate music player and has studied in the IES Molí de la Vila, in Capellades.

As one of our first grant recipient said, Marcel also thinks that these scholarships “are an opportunity. Daring to face the challenge is just the beginning”. So, let’s start! Welcome to St. Peter’s School, Marcel.

Josep M. Ginjaume welcomed Marcel to St. Peter’s before the beginning of the school year

This school year the grant honors our former pupil, Sean Hartnoll. Hartnoll is today Professor in Physics at Stanford University and is specialised in black holes.