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Enjoying Project Based Learning

C2 celebrated the Holi Festival related to their PBL topic on World Festivals
C2 celebrated the Holi Festival related to their PBL topic on World Festivals

When we decided to implement the PBL at St. Peter’s School almost two years ago, we wanted to move away from the traditional idea of education.  The image of a class full of students sitting in rows at desks, dutifully listening and recording what they hear has become less useful and purposeful in a world which values creativity, analytical skills and progressive thinkers.

For us, it was a challenge that required lots of teaching planning, designing cross-curricular activities and introducing new ways of assessing. Now it is the teaching/learning practice followed throughout each of the primary stages.

More than two school year later, if you take a look and some of the topics that are taking place from Foundation Stage to C6, you can see how children are enjoying their learning, how aware they are of it, and how they are able to develop the kind of life-long learning skills we were looking for.

Classes 1 & 2: Push me, Pull me – Learning about Force and Resistance

One of the last topics C1 & 2 have been working at is “Push me, pull me”. In one of the activities, held this week, Miss Pat’s children were blown away testing the effects of air resistance using different types/sizes of paper and card. 

Children made rockets and launched them - learning about force and air resistanc
Children made rockets and launched them

Here is a brief video about the activity:

C5: From “The Great, the bold and the brave” to Fair-trade

Last term students in C5 were learning about the Ancient Rome on their PBL. One of the activities consisted of recreating historical battles:

Last term C6 learned about Romans on their PBL topic
Last term C6 learned about Romans on their PBL topic

This term they have been learning about Fairtrade and one of the activities was to organise a fairtrade shop. They baked, sold and earned 350€, which they donated to one Non Profit Organisation.

Foundation Stage: Curious Kids

After the success of our PBL implementation in Primary, this year we launched Curious Kids in Foundation Stage. One of the first projects which the children were working at was “Means of transport”. As part of it, the children in Foundation 4 & 5 reflected on how they would like to come to school. The following video  gives you a taste of what it involves a project on this stage.

Project Based Learning helps children to be comfortable at the non-comfort zone, which is, for us, the best way to face an uncertain future. By letting them inquire, explore, research, discuss, reflect and present, we are encouraging their curiosity and passion for knowledge, and the capacity to adapt and face challenges they might encounter in their lives.

However, we would like to remember that mundane projects that are strictly assessed but do not provide any real-world applications are stunting the growth and creativity of students. This is not what we look for when applying PBL. We need to plan projects that excite children. Only these kinds of projects will create a positive, engaging environment and be memorable for all involved.


Active planet – C4 presents their PBL onEarthquakes and Volcanos


Today Year 4 showed all the wonderful things they have been learning throughout the last few weeks. The PBL Exit Point was all about earthquakes and volcanos. The children were able to explain the big idea that if we can understand what is happening underground, we can learn to predict and protect ourselves in the future.


As part of the Project Based Learning, they have been studying, investigating and researching in a fun, interactive and cross-curricular way. The outcome has been fantastic. Congratulations!

Please check out this awesome slideshow they presented today to parents.

And the pictures:

They will now begin a new subject for their next Project. You can have a look at all of it on the PBL blog sited on Moodle (Land, Sea and Sky)

Congratulations for all the hard work!