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St. Peter’s student, Àlex Gonzalez; youngest student to participate in the Humanoid Robots National Competition (CEABOT 2016)


The complete Humanoid Lab team, from CSIC-UPC. The junior students Àlex Gonzàlez and Martí Zaera, together with the senior ones, Laia Freixas and Alejandro Suárez.
The complete Humanoid Lab team, from CSIC-UPC. The junior students Àlex Gonzàlez and Martí Zaera, together with the senior ones, Laia Freixas and Alejandro Suárez.

At the beginning of this month, Alex, together with a student from 1st Bachillerato from another school, participated in the CEABOT 2016 as members of the junior team trained by the “Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial” (IRI), a mixed centre CSIC-UPC.

They were one of the youngest teams ever presented to this competition. Being only in 3rd of ESO, Àlex had the opportunity to show his knowledge and skills in robotics to postgraduate students from Spanish universities. The junior team from IRI, coordinated by the PHd student from UPC, Gerard Canal, demonstrated that robotics can be learned and introduced at early ages to foster scientific aspirations.

Alex came back from the competition proud of their work and outcomes: “Since the first day I went to work with them I knew it was going to be a hard experience. We had to make a humanoid robot with the ability to walk, climb stairs, read QR codes and fight. It was tough and stressful and we had to face a lot of difficulties. We worked intensely to try and present the robot the best way possible. But the hard work was worth it, the important thing wasn’t the placement, it was the experience and all the learning behind it.”

The senior team from the Humanoid Lab, trained at IRI, who attended the contest won this prestigious national competition.

Robotics Summer Camp: you were waiting for it

This September, just after the holidays and before starting the classes, we are holding our Robotics Summer Camp, from Thursday 1st to Friday 9th September.


In one of the two courses offered, children will  learn about coding, Smart Cities and electric cars in a perfect environment where team work, creativity, autonomy and fresh ideas will flow.

Our mentors will provide a small amount of directions at the beginning, then provide just-in-time instruction to introduce skills, ideas and techniques.

The students will be the ones who code, create scale models or build their own electric cars with our 3D software and printers.

Please, take a look at the brochure with all info about schedules, courses and prices: http://www.stpeters.es/img/pdf/Robotics6.pdf

The deadline for enrollment is 15th of June.

This Robotics Summer Camp is a sample of the projects we are designing for the next school year. Our STEM department is working very hard to prepare exciting workshops and cross-curricular projects for our students in ESO. Connecting Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths will be a challenge for both, students and teachers.

Orlando Ward-Santos, our guest teacher from MIT, introduces robotics through Arduino

Last Friday, as a conclusion to our Robotics Programme in collaboration with MIT, we had a final competition using an obstacle course. Students coded their Arduino robots to accomplish diverse maneuvers around the circuit. They used ultrasonic sensors to avoid obstacles and the “line-follower” sensor to command the robot to follow a given path.

During the last three weeks, we have seen our students in 2nd and 3rd of ESO, Pre-U 1 and 2 very busy learning how to code with Arduino and how to control a robot. But, above all, we have seen them passionate about robotics. This was, in fact, the goal of this Robotics Programme.

When our STEM faculty contacted Mr. Orlando Ward-Santos, as part of the MISTI programme sponsored by Fundació La Pedrera, they realised it was exactly what we were looking for. It had the spirit of the collaborative, innovative and scientific projects we love at St. Peter’s.

Mr. Ward-Santos explained the programme to us: