Y6 presented their recycling robot

Recycling is something that concern us all

Every day, the recycling awareness is spreading further and further and more people are including into their daily routines, this simple and yet meaningful habit.

Recycling robot prototype

At St Peter’s school, when reaching Y6, our students start building robots. This year, our pupils wanted to relate this subject to a global concern. Besides the robotics school hours, the pupils have been dedicating a lot of their free time to create this prototype.
The recycling robot is capable of recognise between different recyclable materials and place them in the correct bin. Last staurday, at the XI Jornada de Programació i Robòtica Educatives  – Citilab Cornella, they presented their prototype.

Joan Mauri, their robotics teacher, asked the pupils if after the event they wanted to move to another project. The students reply, “we want to perfect the recycling robot”. Their goal is to perfect the robot and aim to make it more than a prototype.
Hard work and dedication is what makes this team of creative robot designers an example of perseverance. Great job!!