Young writers in Middle Years

During this month of February, a few students in Middle Years had the opportunity to participate in the Immerse Education Essay Competition. An opportunity was shared with our 9 and 10 grade students, motivated students showcased their academic skills by participating in The Immerse Education Essay Competition. Four of our students participated, and all four won partial scholarships ranging from 10% to 50%. Another of our students in Year 7, Laia Soler, decided to join the competition and was also awarded a Scholarship to attend a Summer Course in Cambridge.

Students submitted their essays in response to a pre-set question. Zeynep wrote about psychology being the field of medicine that has the biggest impact on society saying, “J.K Rowling, a British author endeavored to overcome depression and suicidal thoughts with the help of a psychiatrist. Fortunately, she did so by expressing her emotions that allowed her to vanquish her mental illness, psychiatry unbridled her intellect, leading to the creation of Harry Potter.” Whereas Margherita argues in favour of neurology “Every single brain out there is special and different from the next one, which makes the neurological field wide and complex as each patient is different. Even though neurology has a great impact on an individual level, it has an even greater impact on society as the main element of behaviour and interaction between people.”

Our student’s individuality is also shown in their diverse topics of interest, Sonya wrote about engineering and its importance “Nowadays the evidence of engineering, science can be found in any aspect of a humankind – chemical, biotechnological, automobile, IT, agricultural and aeronautical.” As for Ana who aspires to be a successful businesswoman wrote, “The most crucial elements successful entrepreneurs do to expand their businesses are the following: effective and efficient use of resources (to attract and retain the customer’s interest), customers’ priorities (businesses have to adapt to a customer’s preferences) and a business plan (businesses have a clear objective).”

Winners have the chance to study their chosen subject with Immerse. It is heartwarming to see how determined our students are and how they invest in themselves to achieve their dreams.