At a glance


Founded in 1964, St. Peter’s School is a private, international school located in Barcelona for pupils from Nursery (12 months old) to Secondary.

We have an independent curriculum with an international approach. All legal matters pertaining to the pupils’ education are governed by Spanish law. Different methodologies are applied (project-based learning, inquiry based learning, cooperative learning) in order to encourage the students to become well-informed, independent and open-minded individuals, ready to study, work or live wherever they wish. The last two years they follow the IBDP (International Baccalaureate), which allows them to apply to universities all over the world.

We follow our own Linguistic Project, authorised by the Generalitat de Catalunya, which includes the study of five languages: English, Spanish, Catalan, French and notions of German. Teachers are native speakers in each language.

English is used as our main means of communication at school.

The School is comprised of four stages:

- First Steps, our international nursery shcool
- Lower 
- Upper
- Pre-U

Age range:
12 months to 18 years old

- Student body made up of 630 pupils of over 30 nationalities
- 110 teachers representing over 10 nationalities
- Enrolment mix of 70% Spanish and 30% other

After school acivities

We offer a wide range of after school activities: swimming, football, volleyball, judo, music, art and craft, Chinese, dance or cooking among them. They are held from Monday to Thursday.

Learning outside the classroom

Learning outside the classroom in no way substitutes what goes on inside it, but rather complements it in a very beneficial way. Putting pupils in direct contact with nature or any other learning environment is not only stimulating, but also assists in the learning process.

At St. Peter’s pupils of all ages participate in a wide range of activities beyond the classroom, visits to museums, musical performances, conferences, outings and excursions, which, in some cases are of a scientific nature whilst others are of a culture nature.

These outings form part of the students’ global development and are designed to give them the experience of different social situations and environments, and to work on personal qualities such as self-control, self-confidence, independence and autonomy.