Lower School

Lower School covers pupils aged 4 to 9 years old and is divided into three cycles each one covering a two year period. At these ages cognitive and emotional development are very closely linked. Therefore each pupil is treated individually in order to respect his/her learning process. Also, pupils are encouraged to become responsible, act in a well-mannered way and show interest in their school work.

In St. Peter’s the curriculum is broader than the established officially for other schools. This involves pupils making a greater effort, but at the same time it ensures that our pupils achieve better results both at the end of this stage and during Upper School. Also, the students take part in different activities that help them develop their communication skills. For example, the Public Speaking Contest.


We use different educational methodologies, such as Project Based Learning and Inquiry Based Learning, as a way to encourage an holistic learning. As part of it, we continue organising our traditional concerts every school year, where the student show their parents their dramatic skills.

All subjects are taught in English. Language adquisition subjects are gradually introduced, Spanish (4hrs / week) and Catalan (1hr / week) from Year 1 onwards, French (2hrs / week) from Year 5 and German (2hrs / week) from Year 6.