Nursery Services

When you leave your child in our care you are free to relax in the knowledge that they are in safe hands and that that all their needs are taken care of. In First Steps, our international Nursery school, these services are designed to make sure you and your child have everything you need.

On-site Kitchen   

We are committed to providing high-quality locally-produced food, designed by experts in nutrition. Food is cooked on the premises and served by teachers and monitors. We cater for special dietary needs as required.

School timetable

You can bring your child from 8:15 to 17:00. The school timetable is flexible, making it easier for you to organise your day.

Individual follow-up

Teachers work together with a group of specialist to understand each child individually. They focus on their personal and physical development, gathering information from a group of specialists (osteopath, gym and movement, psicologists…). Together with the teachers’ information, it helps understanding your child and allows us to assist with your child's individual development.


The school has its own bus service which provides daily transport to and from the centre.


We have a laundry service on site, for any little accidents which may occur.

After school activities

For those who cannot collect their children earlier, we offer a range of after-school after-school activities for even the very youngest children.


If your child is sick and cannot attend school we can help you to find a bilingual babysitter to care for your child at home. 


Birthday parties can be organised at school, with catering, decoration and entertainment included as required.

This are the services of our English nursery school, where the children feel as safe and comfortable as if they where at home.