First steps together

Parent participation is a must in our international nursery school. Friends and families form a fundamental part of our team. We work in partnership. As joint educators we share a common purpose: to equip our children with the skills and attitudes which will help bring out their full potential. 

At school we provide constant opportunities for children to collaborate in mixed-age range projects allowing them to develop communicative and social skills as they learn together. Our Upper School students also devise and lead special workshops for the youngest children and their families throughout the year.

We hold regular parent-teacher meetings twice a year in which we discuss each child’s individual progress through their personal learning journeys and progress reports. Parents are encouraged to participate and help to plan the “next steps” their child will be working towards.

We welcome parents into school on many occasions to take part alongside their children in a range of specially prepared activities which give families a flavour of how we work and why we do what we do.