Maria Rosa Culell Scholarships

St. Peter’s School’s is pleased to announce the availability of the Maria Rosa Culell Scholarships for Excellence. These grants are merit-based and aim to support those students who have excellent academic and non-academic achievements. They intend to avoid limited resources being an obstacle to completing the three school years of Pre-U at St. Peter’s School (4th ESO and Bachillerato).

Please note that these scholarships are aimed at students who are not yet studying at St. Peter’s.

Every school year the grant will bear the name of a former pupil who stood out not only for their academic merits but also for other qualities. Andrés Sexto is the former pupil to be honoured by the St. Peter’s Scholarship for Excellence 2017-18. 

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To be eligible for one of the two scholarships St. Peter’s School is offering this year, applicants will:

  • have finished 3rd or 4th ESO during the 2016-17 school year.

  • show academic promise and have an excellent GPA (grade point average) in 3rd and 4th ESO endorsed by a personal portfolio.

  • be able to demonstrate a high level of English (B2).

  • be in need of financial support (as demonstrated by the previous year’s tax declaration).


The Scholarship for Excellence is a grant awarded to two students to study PreU-F to PreU-2 (4th ESO, 1st and 2nd Bachilerato). Therefore, they will attend the whole school year and participate in all academic activities with a monthly cost of 0 to 300€ according to their economic situation.

Fees for external examinations, after school activities, trips or other non academic activities are excluded from the grant.


1. Applicants must submit the following documentation to St. Peter’s School Main Office (C/Eduard Toldrà, 18 – 08034, Barcelona. Tel. +34 932043612, email: in person or by registered mail:

  • Completed application form.
  • Academic records of their ESO studies to the date of the application.
  • Letter of reference from the head teacher, tutor or a specialised teacher of the school where they have studied ESO.
  • Copy of the tax declaration for the previous year or a certificate of annual income.

2. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend interviews with the Selection Committee to whom they will have to present their personal portfolio and defend their application for the scholarship. This portfolio can include:

  • Academic records
  • Official certificates of English: ESOL, TESOL, TOEFL, EOI, IELTS, etc.
  • Official certificates of any other language: French, German, Chinese, etc.
  • Community work and voluntary activities in which they are involved.
  • Brief statement of personal expectations for the future.
  • We recommend the following guide by NABA: Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano. It explains how to prepare your personal portfolio.

3. Shortlisted applicants will receive provisional personal notification before 10th June 2017. Once they receive this notification, they must submit their academic records including the final grades for 4th ESO before 24th June 2017. Those who do not receive notification may assume their application has been unsuccessful.

4. The Scholarship Committee will announce their final decision before 30th June 2017 on St. Peter’s School’s website.

Scholarship Renewals

Scholarships will be reassessed each year. The Selection Committee will consider the personal and academic progress of the student each year.

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