Upper School

Upper School covers pupils aged 10 to 14 years old and is characterised by the consolidation of study habits and the development of learning techniques. Effort and hard work are seen as basic elements of the learning process.

In this stage pupils reach adolescence and the relationship of trust with teachers is of utmost importance. Our main objectives are both academics and personal, with pupils achieving results which will allow them to embark upon their studies in Pre-U with a very solid base upon which to build.

The students continue to take part in projects that involve national and international schools, with students from all over the world. One of these projects is the MUN Barcelona, ??which takes place every year at the school premises. Also from the STEM department (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), we carrie out projects that enhance mathematical, scientific and technological skills (including programming and robotics).


Subjects are taught in English, Spanish, Catalan, French and German. Students take some official exams in languages such as the First Certificate in English (Year 8), the Certificate in Advanced English (Year 9) or the Certificate of Proficiency in English.