It is very important for all children to wear the correct school uniform at all times.

Uniforms should be bought from:

Sastrería Aguilera
Pza. Sagrada Familia, 13
08025 Barcelona
Tel. 93 457 83 76.

Uniformes de Colegio S.L.
Ramón Miquel i Planas, 10-16
08034 Barcelona
Tel. 93 252 32 12

Shop online: www.uniformesdecolegio.com

Children who need corrective inner soles may wear any suitable shoes providing that they are black in colour.

All clothes, including underwear, gym uniform and shoes should be clearly marked with the child's name using sew-on name tapes.

School bags, swimming bags, gym bags and toilet bags must also be named.

Gym clothes should be named and in the gym bag. This should be brought to school every Monday and taken home to be washed every Friday.