Placement Programme

We are offering students in Pre-U the opportunity to make a difference by undertaking a week-long placement in an enterprise. It will be the first time they experience the real enterprise environment, the first step in exploring the world of business to start building their future.

Our Pre-U1 students participate in a week’s placement in industry to experience the world of work. Students will be placed in organisations relevant to their interests and future career options to gain experience and to learn to make choices. 

As well as taking on the same responsibilities as any other employee in the company, they will have the opportunity to see different departments and observe the day-to-day routine in a business environment. 

Additionally, they will complete a report analysing the type of company and the work routines and habits. They will interview and talk with different employees, executives and managers, and they will write a diary based on their experience.


The companies

We have a wide range of enterprises where the students can undertake their placement. We would like to thank all of them for their willingness to welcome them and guide them in this first contact with the world of business and work. Some of the latest  to join the programme and mentor our students are the following. 





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