Vision and Mission


The coming decades will bring an exponential technological revolution that will cause disruptive changes in society, affecting the way we live, work, learn and relate to others. 

Education will have a predominant role in this scenario. Schools, based on a model designed more than 100 years ago, become obsolete and need to be adapted to the new paradigm. 

Students need to be equipped with the academic, personal and real-life skills they need to be individually successful while they contribute to society. 



Designing and running an educational model that provides our students with the knowledge and capacities needed to embrace the world’s biggest problems and build a better future for all. 

Developing the student’s sense of purpose while understanding who they are as unique individuals, in order to accomplish a healthy, happy and financially stable life. 

Providing students with the intellectual curiosity that will carry them through a life-long process of learning, and specifically guaranteeing them a chance of attending the university they choose.



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