Forbes, Schools Rankings, or the pursuit of excellence in education

After being selected by Forbes magazine as one of the best schools in Spain, we have started to receive compliments and encouraging messages from the whole community. We are proud to have been chosen, but our satisfaction goes beyond a particular ranking, and focuses most importantly, on the constant and well-performed work of the entire team of professionals, who make the St. Peter’s project possible.

Just look at the current academic year: we have been officially validated to deliver the MYP programme by the IB organisation, and we are in the final stages of validating the Primary Years Programme. This last phase will make us the only school in Barcelona with the IB Continuum taught in English, an open-minded international school, where pupils are prepared to face the challenges of the future.

But it has been more than just the updating of the learning methodology. This has been the year of digitalisation, virtual learning, adapting to the uncertain scenario of the pandemic, improving the educational project and strengthening science, technology and critical thinking. We have done all of this with commitment, enthusiasm and involvement. With the will to provide our students with the best skills, beyond the content. We want them to be inquirers, thinkers, problem-solvers and innovators. We want them to be happy. 

This is a project we are so proud of. Ranking or no ranking. We know the importance of being approved and recognised by external institutions. And we are convinced that we have the best professional team to assess the quality of our education project and to direct the pedagogical strategy for the coming years. 

Rankings in which St. Peter’s School appears