By Carme Escorcia, head of Communications and Krystina Smolensky, head of Foundation Years

Each and every one of the voices belonging to our community deserves to be heard. During this school year, as it comes to an end, we’ve learned and understood that a sense of togetherness and belonging can only make us stronger. As the old African proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child.” One could imagine then, that it would take a community to raise a school. All of us, students, teachers, pedagogical leadership members, domain experts, families and carers are part of an exciting challenge with our children at the centre. In light of this, we have designed a new Community Engagement project launching on September 21st.

More than ever, the pandemic has highlighted the importance of human contact.   It has made us realise that St. Peter’s couldn’t be the welcoming international hub it is without our flexible, plurilingual and innovative learning community from all around the world. 

From the very first moment that you contact us in our Admissions Journey, to the moment in which the whole family passes through our doors and participates in our community life, we would like to make everyone feel at home. 

For this reason and with great enthusiasm, we have been working hard to prepare a set of activities in which everyone will get involved. The infographics show only the first projects designed for what we expect to be our Community Hub.

United for a common purpose: get ready for a journey full of stories written together. Meanwhile, we would be happy to hear from you and are ready to listen to your ideas. 

“The evidence is consistent, positive, and convincing: 

When schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more.”

Henderson, Mapp, Johnson & Davies, 2007


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