Primary Years

St. Peter's School offers the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP). IB Wolds Schools share a common philosophy: a commitment to a rigorous international education, which we consider important for our students. 

Primary Years covers pupils aged 3 to 9 years old and is divided into three cycles each one covering a two year period. From Foundation 3 through to Year 5, students learn from stimulating transdisciplinary themes that allow them to construct meaning in the world around them.

These themes include topical content such as Smart Cities, Blockchain or the Sustainable Development Goals. Each unit deals with an idea that supports the students’ understanding of the subject. This idea fosters the development of conceptual understanding and expands the capacity for critical thinking. Alongside these themes, students will also work on core subjects such as maths and literacy. 

PYP Syllabus 2021-22

Primary Years - Programme of Inquiry 2021-22

Our objective is to create in our pupils a passion for learning and a permanent curiosity about themselves, others and the world around them. In this new scenario in which we find ourselves, with its ongoing demographic, geopolitical and technological changes, the school needs to adapt its methodology and curricular contents accordingly.

The nature of change in learning content is framed in a methodology which is based on inquiry – the student investigates and cultivates their curiosity about knowledge, examining concepts in greater depth – exploring important ideas about the local and global environment and on the promotion of proactivity – knowing how to work autonomously and with other people. In this constructivist framework, assessment is not understood as a system by which students are measured, but rather as a tool for improvement, with the commitment and trust between teacher and student being the main means of educational advancement.

At these ages cognitive and emotional development are very closely linked. Therefore each pupil is treated individually in order to respect his/her learning process. All subjects are taught in English. Language adquisition subjects are gradually introduced, Spanish (4hrs / week) and Catalan (1hr / week) from Year 1 onwards, French (2hrs / week) from Year 5. Communication skills are also worked through activities such as The Public Speaking Contest.




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