Dining room & Menu

St. Peter’s School has its own kitchen facilities, where the preparation and supervision of the menus are rigorously controlled by dieticians.

If necessary, we are able to tailor our menu to any specific dietary needs a child may have, be they due to illness, allergy or religious reasons. To do so, you must fill out a form at the front desk and bring a doctor's note in case of allergy or illness. 

Our kitchen is run by the company Saned.

Lunch:          Nursery    F3-Y5    Y6-PreU


Lunchtime at School helps students learn about good table manners and the importance of a healthy, varied and well-balanced diet.

For this reason, we have a common Dining Room Policy for all students. All students must eat in the School (except those from Baccalaureate), thus students may not bring food from home.

In case of allergies, intolerances or any other problems, the pupil must bring a medical certificate detailing the dietary requirements. Our kitchen will take them into account tailoring the child’s diet to his/her specific needs. If our kitchen is not able to accommodate these special meal requirements, only then will we ask the family to bring in food from home.


It is of great importance for each student to understand that the dining room is a place to enjoy the company of their classmates and relax while they have lunch.

Children must sit well on the chair, use utensils and napkins, and not eat with their hands, except for those foods that require it (bread, bananas, chicken wings, etc.).

Students must always respect their classmates and the dining room staff, take turns and speak in a moderate, easy tone.

English is the means of communication at school, thus including the dining room.


Foundation Stage and Lower School to Year 4

The Foundation Stage pupils will find their meal served in their trays. From Year 1 to 4, pupils must go to the serving hatch where the dining room staff will serve them their lunch.

Students do not have to eat the entire content of the tray but they must taste everything and eat a good part of it, remembering that their next meal will only be a snack in the afternoon.

Year 5 to PreU

From Year 5 onwards, students must serve themselves at the serving hatch. They can choose what they like, but it should be a well-balanced plate, with all the food groups sufficiently present.

They must eat all they have asked for and therefore they should not throw away any food.

During lunchtime, students drink water.

5 meals a day

It is importance for the pupils to have breakfast at home before coming to School. This is the most important meal of the day and it must be sufficient and well-balanced. For instance, it is not enough to have only a glass of milk and some biscuits.

Two meals will be given to them at school, which in Foundation Stage and until Year 2 are lunch and a snack in the afternoon, and for the older ones, a snack in the morning and lunch.Families are in charge of the last two meals of the day, a snack in the afternoon and supper, for which you will find some suggestions in our menu, published on the school web.

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