Foundation Years

St. Peter's School offers the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP). This programme runs from Foundation 3 to Year 5.

We offer caring and nurturing environment to accommodate the needs of infants from 12 months old to preschool-aged children. We recognise the power of the children we work with. The goal of our learning and care is to enhance this power and give your child an empowering start.

Our approach is learning through play and inquiry. We view play as a state of mind.

Our curriculum is organised around a set of desired outcomes that promote children's agency. Children learn to balance their wellness and build relationships. They become solution architects and future builders.

Our curriculum is not static, but adaptable, pioneering and revised often. Our competent educators proactively collaborate with families. They build on trust, support and respect.

Our staff is on an ongoing professional learning journey. They take part in conferences, webinars and weekly team training. This leads to expertise in 21C teaching and competencies.

Foundation Years Syllabus 2021-22

We would love you to visit our Foundation Years and get a feel for what we do. In the meantime, please read more about our all-inclusive offering for families:

Primary Care Giving
We enable and support close attachments between individual children and individual teachers. We recognise that when we respond to child's cries of tiredness or discomfort and consistently show love, they not only have their basic physiological needs met but these experiences are being laid down as neural pathways. The kinds of emotional experience that the child has with his caregivers become biologically embedded. They get written into the child's physiology because this is the period of human life when neural pathways are being formed.

In their class your child will have two primary caregivers: an educator and an assistant. They are always looking out for each other, supporting each other and noticing when they might need extra help or some individual time with your child to nurture their primary caregiving relationship. We have a supportive team culture, a way of being.

On-site Kitchen
We provide high-quality locally produced food, planned by experts in nutrition. Food is freshly cooked on the premises and served by teachers and monitors. We cater for special dietary needs as required.

From N2 onwards, the school provides its own bus service to and from the centre.

We have a laundry service on site, for any little accidents which may occur.

Extended hours
For the families who cannot bring or collect their children during regular school hours (9 to 16), we offer extended care from 8.15 till 16.30.

During school hours, the children from N2 upwards have a regular weekly opportunity to enjoy their first contact with water. Swimming lessons assist in the understanding of water safety. Children develop water confidence, gross motor skills, and coordination. Swimming also strengthens the development of both the right and left side of the brain. 

Partnership with families
We use a secure online learning portal for families. You can access daily learning experiences, developmental observations and individual learning assessments.

Nurse on site
A nurse assists our staff with medication administration, attention to injuries and vaccinations. She handles the school's health and safety protocols. Should a child show any symptoms of illness while at the school, a nurse will care for your child and notify you. 


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