Support Centre

The main objective of our Educational Project is that every pupil reaches his/her maximum potential, in both academic and personal respects. Personal attention is given from the first levels of education throughout the entire schooling experience and thus, taking into account their capacity and interests.

With this in mind, the School has a wide range of support mechanisms to help pupils and teachers at all times, including optometry services, speech therapy, support for those talented, and monitoring and evaluation of any special needs. When either the school or parents detect that a child requires specialised help, the Support Centre organises an action plan to provide the necessary assistance.

Our final objective is to be able to achieve the child’s inclusion in the class, the teacher being the one who attends to their diversity. To achieve this goal, sometimes the Support Centre needs to work outside the class temporarily, either on an individual or small group basis.

Areas of action

  • Prevention and early diagnosis of special needs
  • Attention to diversity
  • Vision training and psychomotricity
  • Learning difficulties
  • Psychology and emotional attention
  • Specific disorders
  • High abilities
  • Parental support and counselling to families

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