School structure

Why wait until your child is 3 years old to bring him/her to school?

We firmly believe in the importance of coming to school at an early age. From as early as 12 months old, children are mature enough to embark upon their educational journey as they benefit from linguistic and social immersion in a safe and caring environment that encourages creativity, independence and learning.

At St. Peter’s School they will learn through play and hands-on experience, whilst a specialised team of teachers and professionals stimulate their social and emotional intelligence. Our school project starts at 12 months and continues along the same educational line through Pre-U.

Through play children develop fine and gross motor skill as well as hand-eye coordination and, most importantly, socialisation. They learn how to share, take turns, play together, and therefore form friendships as they are immersed in an English speaking environment, thus learning the language naturally. 

Children thrive when they are given the necessary attention in a warm and respectful environment. In this way they feel safe and happy and easily acquire the skills and knowledge they need to prepare for their future education.


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